Who I am?

On 4th August 2009, one wonderful lady once told me I should be writing a book, to call it TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF BEING NADIA.  Funny I didn't apply that title to any of my blogs. 

So I had been writing for long.  In journals throughout my teens.  Letter writing to penpal in Russia and random people who stay in different states of Malaysia and those abroad.  It appealed to me the fact that they experience different lives and mine was individually different. 

After I gave birth to my first born child, I came to blogging in 2005.  It started with Multiply.  My husband was working abroad and sending pictures via MMS took much time, video conference calls had too much time difference and email attachments were then during the dial-up internet connection time that took forever and never gets sent because the megabytes  were so and so. 

Came a friend with a Multiply account.  Then I begun my first years of blogging.  It filled me up.  Even so when I the feedback I get was good.  Not only did my husband get to view the pictures of us at his own time, I too don't get worked up just trying to send them to him.

The rest is...  as how I write them now.

And why is this in English?  It's because, I think in English.  When I am more relaxed and in touch and serious and melancholic and nostalgic, that's where it gets.  But don't be surprised when Bahasa Malaysia starts pouring in!  That's when you might go, "OMG", "WTH" or "She didn't just say that..." with your eyes turning.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  With love.  Loads and loads of love.
Well.  Welcome to my world.  How I perceive things.  What matters to share and to be shared.  My life's journey.


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