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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Little Bit of Something

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I miss writing as much as I did last time.  Document kan segala benda yang ada kat depan mata.  Dan nasib baik jugak I did that a lot dulu sebab there were things that I actually forgot happened when the kids were growing up.  Bila dapat baca balik dia jadi cam, "Awww.....".  Sweetness.

But sebenarnya, I am a private person.  And I find that the kids pun dah of age yang I feel comfortable not sharing their photos pun.  Ada je Instagram, tapi tak reti pakai.  Haha.  Letak gambar pun, jap-jap gambar kopi.  3 bulan kendian pun letak gak gambar kopi.  Tak kopi, gambar steak... Hahaha.

Minggu ni dah nak raya pun.  Hampir sebulan has gone.  So there is a mixture of moods.  Ada dengan work rushnya, dengan yang skodeng online shoppingnya.  I got a bit more of the work rush.  I'm also sure many of you all juga begitu.  

I am just thankful that I am with the ones who matter.  People who are important to me as I am important to them.

Keeping one person close to my heart.  I wish I could give more than I am allowed to by that person.  

Just trying to hang onto life.
Just ranting.
The whatevers...

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