Khamis, 29 Julai 2010

ikhlas ke?

Watikah hari ini adalah...


Aku ada kerja.  Kerja yang tidak mendapat kerjasama dari orang lain.  Sebab aku telah ditaichikan kerja bertahun sebelum ini, aku agak merentan kali ni just bekos the whole time dulu tu, aku tak tau pun aku terkena.  Malaon punya pekerja.  Dia tak ada perasaan endah pun kalo ko pregnant ke, ada penyakit ke.  Dulu pantang ada miting je, dia order mekanan segala refreshments dan akan ter-annual leave/EL/MC pada hari kejadian [of course la tak bagitau aku kan?] dan cuti bersambung pada hari selepasnya sebab takmo uruskan perkara tersebut, juga takmo clean up mandangkan memang tak wujud pantry lady di sini.  Aku yang peknen jam tu akan berbengkak kaki setiap hari kedua kejadian berlaku.  Lahanat kan?  Hari ketiga aku terpaksa MC untuk surutkan kaki yang kembang itu dan hari ke-empat dia akan tanya how the miting went.  Super lahanat kan?  Dah la pantang aku kol je, tak angkat fon.  Sampai kena kol mobile.  Bila tanya kat mana, dia kata baru je balik tempatnya.  Then after 2 minit orang kol lagi fon opis, dia masih tak angkat kol.  Bukannya aku tak tau.  Dia tu kuat bergayut kaw-kaw punya.  Tapi bila nak carik aku, ayat kata tak jumpa carik aku tu terasa macam highlighted tepampang on an advertorial board somewhere on the federal highway?  Ke aku yang perasaan macam tu?  Tak mungkin walau pun aku emo kenkadang. 

Lagi satu kes ni memang takde kena mengena ngan aku directly walau kejadian each time berlaku di depan mata aku ni.  Tapi I'm sure dia wujud dalam setiap kompeni.  When people talk in front, in staff gatherings, dia dok kat belakang tu dok perlekehkan orang yang bercakap tu.  Then secara tak langsung, perlekehkan kompeni, ahli-ahli management, dan makcik kantin yang tidak berdosa itu.  Okei.  Ayat melampau la masuk makcik kantin kan.  Tapi tak pedulik.  But the thing is, if you do not want to respect the management, no matter how well or how bad they manage the business, then why stick around?  Banyak lagi pekerjaan lain kat situ.  But walaupun setelah bertahun pergi dan pulang kembali ke tempat yang sama, the person is still here and still behaves the same way.  Sedih tak?  Tak patriotik langsung.  Ni baru kompeni, belum cerita patriotik dengan negara.  Macam ni je lah.  Masa Negaraku is played on, do you sing along or buat bodo sambil kuis-kuis kaki, tengok-tengok sms or berborak ngan orang kat sebelah ko tu? 

Itu dua perkara dulu lah.  Mengantuk je lagi aku ni.  Okei la.  Nak sambung kerja la ni.  Kerja yang mana lepas aku dah compile, update semua, aku nak sumbat semua balik kat orang tu. 

Now I need water! <--- Cecewah.  Ye lah.  Orang dah cut down to one coffee cup a day je... 

34 Indian Home Remedies

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I got this on a forwarded email.

34 Indian Home Remedies
Desi Dawa -- Local Home Remedies -

Here are 35 Indian Home Remedies for everything imaginable and have been used for hundreds of years, before the advent of modern medicine.

This is good especially for minor aliments and aches and pains. Print it out and keep it in a place where you can find it easily, when needed. This may avoid a trip to the doctors and/or make you feel healthy (and even look beautiful) in the process. Take Care!

1) Home Remedies for Asthma:

Take 1 tsp honey and 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder and mix them well before consuming. For people who are in their early stages of asthma, a perfect home remedy is to boil 8-10 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup of milk and consume it during night time. Take very hot water and add a tsp of honey in it. Consume it just before sleeping and take small sips

2) Home Remedies for Body Odour:

Use antibacterial soap or deodorant soap while bathing. To combat the unpleasant armpit odour apply cider vinegar. It serves as the best body odour home remedy treatment. In the bathing water, add a few cups of tomato juice and soak yourself in water for about 15 minutes.

3) Home Remedies for Backache:

Lime juice serves as an excellent home remedy for backache. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and add common salt in it. Drink it two times in a day. It will act as a great back pain reliever.

As a part of back pain home remedy treatment, raw potato in the form of poultice is to be applied on the pain affected area.

Usually Vitamin C that is mainly found in citrus fruits is considered valuable for getting rid of backaches. Consume about 2000 mg of this vitamin everyday.

Applying garlic oil on the back gives immense relief from back pain. Take about 10 small garlic pieces and fry them in oil on a low flame. You can either use sesame oil, coconut oil or mustard oil. Fry till the garlic cloves turn light brown. Let the oil prepared from garlic cool completely.

Thereafter apply it on the back and keep it for about three hours. In a couple of days, you'll feel its magical effects

4) Home Remedies for Cough:

Grapes help a great deal in treating cold in a few days. Consume 1 cup grape juice and also add 1-teaspoon honey to it.

Almonds are excellent for dry coughs. Soak about seven almonds in water and keep them overnight. Next morning peel off the brown skin.

Now grind them to form a powder and add twenty grams each of butter and sugar and form a paste. Consume it twice a day , once in the morning and the second time in the evening.

5) Home Remedies for Common Cold:

Lemon can be used effectively to treat common cold, as it increases the body resistance. Take one glass of warm water and pour some lime juice and a tsp of honey in it and consume it once or twice on a daily basis.

Take 1 tbsp of Pepper powder and boil it in a cup of milk. Also add on a pinch of turmeric to it. Put some sugar for taste. Drink it once in a day for about three days.

Take 3-4 tsp Onion juice and 3-4 tsp Honey and mix well before consuming.

6) Home Remedies for Common Fever:

The juice of grapefruit is valuable in all fevers. Helpful in quenching thirst, it also removes the burning sensation produced by the fever. Half a glass of grapefruit juice should be taken with half a glass of water.

Another ideal food in all types of fever is orange. It provides energy, increases urinary output, and promotes body resistance against infections. It is especially effective when the digestive power of the body is seriously hampered.

7) Home Remedies for Defective Vision:

Consume foods rich in vitamin A (like raw spinach, turnip tops, milk cream, cheese, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, Soya beans, green peas, fresh milk), as vitamin A helps in improving the eyesight.

8) Home Remedies for Diabetes:

Take 15 fresh mango leaves and boil them in 1 glass of water. Keep them overnight. Filter and drink the next morning.

As a part of diabetes home remedy treatment, grapefruit is considered most beneficial. Eat three grape fruits three times in a day.

Indian gooseberry (Amla), a rich source of vitamin C serves as the best home remedy for diabetes. Take 1 tbsp of gooseberry juice and mix it with a cup of bitter gourd (Karela) juice. Consume the mixture daily for about 2 months.

9) Home Remedies for Dry Chapped Lips:

Drink plenty of water every day. Cut fine slices of cucumber and rub on lips. Take a saline bath. Apply neem leaves extract on your lips.

10) Home Remedies for Diarrhoea:

Take a ripe banana and mash it properly. Add 1 tsp of tamarind pulp and a pinch of salt to it. Consume this mixture two times in a day.

A simple effective home remedy for diarrhea is to drink a cup of strong tea or coffee.

A popular diarrhea home remedy treatment is to consume a paste made of 15-20 fresh curry leaves mixed with 1 tsp honey.

Take a ripe banana, add 1/4 tsp nutmeg powder to it and eat it on a daily basis.

Take a tsp of date paste and mix with 1 tsp honey. This mixture is to be consumed 4-5 times a day.

11) Home Remedies for Ear Ache:

Boil 3-4 cloves of Garlic in some water. Mash them and add a pinch of salt. Wrap this 0poultice in a flannel or woolen cloth and place on the aching ear.

Pour some garlic juice in the paining ear. Its antibiotic qualities help to relieve the pain.

Take Vitamin C to boost=2 0your immune system. It is a natural antibiotic and antihistamine that helps to reduce inflammation and fever. Include zinc in your diet because it reduces ear infection. Certain foods, more commonly dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc tend to aggravate ear infections, so it is better to avoid them during an ear infection

12) Home Remedies for Genital Warts:

Extract juice from onion slices and add salt to it. Apply this juice on the wart-affected area and see the magical effects.

Another great idea is to apply the milky juice of figs on the warts 2-3 times in a day, till the warts disappear.

Put few drops of apple cider vinegar on the warts using cotton ball.

Consume foods rich in folic acid and beta-carotene. Eat plenty of green leafy veggies

13) Home Remedies for Gingivitis:

Take some clove oil and rub it on your gums. Or else, keep a clove in your mouth and chew slowly.

Brush your teeth with toothpaste that contains sage oil, peppermint oil etc..

In 1 glass of lukewarm water, add a pinch of salt and prepare a homemade saline solution. Using this solution, gargle two times in a day. It will help a great deal in reducing the swelling in your mouth.

To heal the gum swelling, use an anti bacterial mouth wash.

Patients suffering from Gingivitis should consume foods containing low saturated fats.

14) Home Remedies for Hair Loss:

One of the best home remedies for treating hair loss is to massage your scalp with fingers gently. It will also aid in increasing blood circulation and lend glow to your hair.

Amla oil serves as an excellent tonic for hair conditioning. Apply this oil on the scalp and see the wonderful results.. OR for nourishing your hair, apply coconut milk all over your scalp and massage it into the hair roots.

15) Home Remedies for Hangover:

Drink plenty of water before going to bed as well as when you wake up in the morning.

Eating some foodstuff while and after you are drinking will slow down the rate at which alcohol enters the blood, thereby reducing the hangover.

Consume vitamin C tablets, as they lead to the breakdown of alcohol content in the body.

16) Home Remedies for Headache:

Eat an apple with a little salt on an empty stomach everyday and see its wonderful effects.

When headache is caused by cold winds, cinnamon works best in curing headache. Make a paste of cinnamon by mixing in water and apply it all over your forehead

17) Home Remedies for Heartburn:

Ginger serves as an effective home remedy for heartburn. Grind fresh ginger and prepare ginger tea.. You can even add ginger to foods.

Increase your fiber intake, as it aids in the absorption of excess acid and gas. It helps in flushing out the toxins from your body.

Dr ink plenty of water at least 8 glasses everyday.

Green tea is also effective in treating heartburn.

Prepare herbal tea containing equal small amounts of peppermint, chamomile, ginger, licorice root and catnip. Preferably, it should be taken after dinner

18) Home Remedies for Herpes:

Take a few ice cubes and rub them on the cold sore affected area for a few minutes.

Take a warm tea bag and apply it on the fever blisters for about half an hour.

Lemon balm extract is considered valuable in healing Herpes infection.

Consume foods rich in vitamins. Zinc and iron are also vital. Eat plenty of fruits and green veggies

19) Home Remedies for High Blood Cholesterol:

In 1 glass of water, add 2 tbsps of coriander seeds and bring to a boil. Let the decoction cool for some time and then strain. Drink this mixture two times in a day.

Sunflower seeds are extremely beneficial, as they contain linoleic acid that helps in reducing the cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries. You just need to modify your cooking style a bit and substitute sunflower seeds for solid fats such as butter and cream.

Incorporate loads of fiber in your meals, as fiber helps a great=2 0deal in lowering the cholesterol pressure in blood.

20) Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure:

A real effective home remedy for high blood pressure is to take 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp cumin powder and mix them well. Have this mixture at least two times in a day. As a part of high bp home remedy treatment, it's good to try out the idea of consuming coriander or fenu greek leaves mixed in 1 cup of water.

Take about 25-30 curry leaves and make a juice, using 1-cup water. You can even add on lime juice to it for making it tastier. Strain and drink it in the morning.

21) Home Remedies for Menopausal Disorder:

When a woman experiences menopause, she should take a daily supplement consisting of 500 mg magnesium and 2 gm of calcium.

Carrot seeds are of great value in case of menopause. In 1 glass of cow's milk, put a tsp of carrot seeds and boil for about 10 minutes or so. Consume it everyday as a medicine.

Liquorice serves as an effective remedy for menopause, as it contains the natural female hormone, estrogen. Thus, it helps in making up for the lost hormones.

22) Home Remedies for Obesity:

On an empty stomach in the morning, drink 1 glass of warm water mixed with juice of half a lime and 1 tsp honey.

In 1 cup of water, add 3 tsp of lime juice, 1/2 tsp pepper powder and some honey. Drink this everyday for=2 0about 3-4 months.

As a substitute of breakfast, consume 2 ripe tomatoes in the morning. This remedy will aid in reducing your weight at a faster rate.

23) Home Remedies for Prostate Disorders:

Pumpkin seeds are extremely useful in treating prostate disorders. The seeds of pumpkin act as a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids that are vital to the health of the prostate.. Men suffering from prostate trouble must take about 60-90 gm of pumpkin seeds daily. Pumpkin can be consumed in the form of powder spread over the cooked food. You can also mix them with white flour for making chapattis.

Zinc has been found beneficial in the treatment of prostate disorders. Take about 30 milligrams of this mineral everyday.

Vitamin E is beneficial for prostate health. The patient should be given foods rich in vitamin E like wholegrain products, green leafy vegetables, milk and sprouted seeds.

In 200 ml spinach juice, add 300 ml of carrot juice. You can even have carrot juice separately. Vegetable juices are excellent in curing prostate disorders.

24) Home Remedies for Ringworm:

Take a raw fresh papaya and cut out slices. Rub the slice on the ringworm patch. It serves as an excellent home remedy for ring worms.

Take a few mustard seeds and powder them. Thereafter, make a paste using water.. Apply the paste on the ringworm-affected area and see its wonderful effects.

25) Home=2 0Remedies for Sexual Impotence:

Garlic is considered valuable in treating the problem of sexual impotence. It acts like a tonic for loss of sexual power Chew 2-3 cloves of raw garlic daily.

Another aphrodisiac food next to garlic is onion. It aids in strengthening the reproductive organs. Prefer going in for white onions.

Carrots have proved beneficial in creating the desire for sex. Take about 150 gm of finely chopped carrots and eat them with a half boiled egg, dipped in 1 tbsp of honey. Consume it once a day for about a month or two.

26) Home Remedies for Sinusitis:

Mango serves as an effective home remedy for preventing the frequent attacks of sinus, as it is packed with loads of vitamin A. OR Another beneficial remedy consists of consuming pungent foods like onion and garlic, as a part of your daily meals.

Fenugreek leaves are considered valuable in curing sinusitis. In 250 ml water, boil 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds and reduce it to half. This will help you to perspire, dispel toxicity and reduce the fever period.

Tie a tsp of black cumin seeds in a thin cotton cloth and inhale..

27) Home Remedies for Sore Throat:

Take 1-2 cloves of garlic and 2-3 cloves and make a paste. Mix with 1 cup of honey. Drink 1 tsp about 3 times in a day. In 1 cup of warm milk, add a pinch of turmeric powder.. Drink the milk before going to bed.

Take 1 whole onion and boil it with some water. Thereafter, mash it and add some butter, salt and pepper to it. Now eat this mixture.

28) Home Remedies for Stomach Ache:

Drink plenty of water , as it helps in ensuring smooth bowel movements.

Drink lemon tea with some honey added in it for taste. It will keep away stomach ache.

Mix 1 tsp each of mint juice and lime juice. Add some ginger juice and black salt in it. Drink this mixture.

29) Home Remedies for Tonsillitis :

Take a fresh lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water. Add 4 tsp of honey and tsp of common salt in it. Drink it slowly sip by sip.

Milk has proved beneficial in treating tonsillitis. In 1 glass of pure boiled milk, add a pinch of turmeric powder and pepper powder. Drink it every night for about 3 days.

30) Home Remedies for Toothache:

Dip 1 clove of garlic in rock salt and place it on the affected tooth.

Keep a piece of raw onion inside the mouth on the affected tooth.

Clove serves as an excellent home remedy for toothache. Keep a clove in your mouth and suck it. You can even apply clove oil on the affected tooth.

Lime is considered valuable in maintaining the health of teeth.

Consume the juice of wheat grass, as it acts as a fabulous mouthwash in case of tooth decay.

31) Home Remedies for Wrinkles:

Application of20 leftover egg whites at the bottom of the shell to the problematic area serves as an effective home remedy for wrinkles.

For the sagging skin under the eyes or on the throat, apply some odorless Castor oil.

Take some coconut oil and massage on the wrinkled skin.

Eat 1 tsp of shredded ginger along with a few drops of honey every morning.

Rub the core of a pineapple all over your face for sometime and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

32) Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection:

In 8 oz of water, put 1/2 tsp of baking soda and drink it.

Drink plenty of water, as it aids in flushing out the waste products from the body.

Drink Cranberry juice. You can also add some apple juice for taste.

33) Home Remedies for Warts:

Apply Castor oil daily over the problematic area. Continue for several months.

Apply milky juice of fresh and barely-ripe figs a number of times a day. Continue for two weeks.

Rub cut raw potatoes on the affected area several times daily. Continue for at least two weeks.

Rub cut onions on the warts to stimulate the circulation of blood.

Apply powder of herb Indian squall daily over the warts.

Apply milk from the cut end of dandelion over the warts 2-3 times a day.

Apply oil extracted from the shell of the cashew nut over the warts.

Apply Papaya juice

Apply Pineapple juice

34) Home Remedies for Vomiting:

Take 2 cardamoms and roast them on a dry pan (tava). Powder the cardamoms and thereafter add a tsp of honey in it.. Consume it frequently. It serves as a fabulous home remedy for vomiting.

In the mixture of 1 tsp of mint juice and 1 tsp lime juice, add 1/2 tsp of ginger juice and 1 tsp honey. Drink this mixture to prevent vomiting.

Lime juice is an effective remedy for vomiting. Take a glass of chilled lime juice and sip slowly. To prevent vomiting, drink ginger tea.

In 1 glass water, add some honey and drink sip by sip.

Happy trying!

Selasa, 27 Julai 2010

percubaan pertama yang menjadi

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Pagi ni dengar radio.  Dengar lagu Aizat yang menang Juara Lagu hari tu.  Apa nama lagu dia ye?  Entah aku tak tau.  Tapi lagu yang reramai ada budak kecik on stage tu.  Then I really listened.  Lembut suara dia.  Nice tone.  Different.  Jenis kalau pekik pun, tak akan pecah, terterik macam suara Adam Lambert.  Nice. 

Then I realised, lagu-lagu dia semua best.  Semua sing-ables.  Semua catchy and cleverly arranged, written songs.  Cara dia nanyi pun tak membosankan.  Terbit rasa didada berkobaran yang pada hari ni juga [kalau boleh], aku nak kena beli CD Percubaan Pertama budak tecip ni.  Nak jugak!  Kena beli!  Tak pernah teringin nak beli CD selain dari Daughtry [I heart you] for the last 5 years ni, aku nak kena beli jugak!  Entah kenapa aku teruja sangat dengan dia pagi tadi.  Dia telah membuat aku tersenyum pagi ni tanpa dia sendiri sedari.

Taken off the web.  Thanks [HERE]

I wondered how good natured he is.  Mesti dia good natured.  Sopan.  Well bred.  Good background.  Seems to be responsible and stable.  Secure.  The thought of him memukau I sekejap while I waited for the section 7 traffic light to turn green.  I mean, muka bersih...  Intelligent...  Exciting...  Kan bess kalau dia boleh jadi menantu aku?!  Hik hik hik.  Aku tak tipu.  Terasa macam nak tanya je kalo dia available.  Haha.  Ye ye.  Nanti Liana Jasmay tu nak letak kat mana ye?  Yang aku ni pun tak sadau diri.  Anak hok puang baru nak masuk 2 tahun, berangan nak menantukan si Aizat tu.  Haha.

Takpe lah.  For sure anak aku akan stress sebab belum berumur mana pun Mak dah ada benchmarking bakal menantu!  [tepok dahi]

Nemind la Dik.  All for the best of you. 

Isnin, 26 Julai 2010

masih kiut kah aku nanti?

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Aku adalah sedang sangat rengsa.  Siang tadi makan Quaker Oat.  Then I had little rice and mee soup.  Ni sedang finally mengadap kofi secawan, sambil tu membuat kofi untuk boss tapi rupanya dia puasa.  So haruskah aku menghabiskannya semua?  Aku tatau.  Yang aku tau perutku ni rasa macam nak pecah.  Sebab ia telah disendatkan dengan korset yang serba membantu dalam keadaan paling sadis untuk memaintainkan akak agar beautiful selalu.  Ceh.  Nak buat aku menjerit sekuat hati lagi, ada la! 

Erm.  Korang pikir kalo aku kurus nanti aku kiut tak lagi?  Kena la aku tukar nama.  Jadi Nadia.Is.Lagi.Kiut.  Haha.  Lorat.  But so far ni pun dah mendatangkan hasil.  Makin menjadi pulak rupanya aku ni.  Tak caya?  Tengok gambar terbaru I ni...

This is my latest photo.
You can call me Angelina...  Angelina Jolisesangat.

The kids are doing much better now.  Abang Ngah dah ke sekolah.  Punya lame dia tak gi sekolah sampaikan Tea-cheer Meh-Li [Teacher Mary okei...  Ye.  Anak aku sikit pelat tapi kiut macam Mak dia] call tanya mana pigi itu anak tatak latang sekolah.  Then as a little bit of incentive, I sent him to school this morning.  Teacher Sal pun sebut, "Oh, tak sihat ya lama tak datang sekolah?" when he got off at school.

Ish.  I thought if I story-story like this I'd be distracted by this discomfort that the dang corset it inducing. 

Corset la sangat...    

punya la rajin...

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Baru je nak menembak anak dengan...

"Betul ke dah mandi?!!"






Sekali nampak ni...

Teruuuuuusss... nak kena menembak soalan lain pulak...

"Ni mandi ke... cuci bilik air??!!"

Punya la rajin...

Khamis, 22 Julai 2010

Ai Anke!

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Okei.  Aku adalah sedang bosan.  Aku ada kerja.  Boss dok email bertalu-talu.  Time ni la nak dapat rezeki yang berkat.

Filing satu pile yang serabut telah settle.  Quite a lot has been shredded.  Ni I can see there are 2 more trays yang menyakitkan mata.  Bukannya apa.  It's just that the tray tu, tray jaring zaman earlier millenium punya lah...  Lepas tu banyak envelope-envelope recycle berbagai campur dengan yang tecip-tecip punya kertas.  Aku ni kan...  Sebenarnya eyes kenot tahan kondisi begitu.  Namun, sudah lama ku tahan Jebat.

Mentara the clean up and waiting for some email replies, I bersihkan sikit inbox and forgot about this photo. 

This was sometime last week.  Pawpaw came home, terus berborak over the fence dengan our neighbour, yang mana korang boleh tengok kat celah tu tengah tu.  Then this Cik Adik go tit tot tit tot tit tot keluar rumah, gi bawah celah ketiak Bapaknya tu, tegur jiran tu with a, "Ai Anke! [Hi Uncle!]" then placed herself in the same exact position ngan Bapaknya tu. 

ONE/  Dia tak penah lagi cakap 2 perkataan berturut macam tu.  Tetiba je keluar, "Ai Anke!"  The next time we heard it was we were driving out, masa tengah angkat tangan kat Pak Guard Nepalese tu.  Uish budak tecip ni... 

TWO/  Tak sempat nak ambik gambar.  Macam ada sensor.  Kelibat Mak dia pun dia boleh rasa!  Penangan budak susu badan nih...

Sekejap je Cik Adik dah besar.  Sedar-sedar, tak sedar...  Rajin budaknya pun.  Rajin nolong Mak nya. 

Tolong Mak dia jadi pengawas.  Tolong Mak dia abes kan mekanan kat dalam pantry tu.  Tolong Mak dia tutupkan laci.  Tolong pilihkan baju untuk Mak dia.  Tolong bagi bahan untuk masak untuk Mak dia juga... 

Rajin, bukan?  Haha. 

tolong. aku takmo stress. tengs.

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Taken off the web.  Thanks [HERE]

I am cold.  I am in the office.  I am ranting.

Yes.  Please allow me so.  Despite the fact that I can barely feel from this temperature.  My fingers may fall off one by one after this.  Oops.  There goes one so now I'm left with 9.  Haha.  Na'uzubillah minzalik!  Ini namanya lawak sadis.

Dilema.  Sikit je.  Nak kena susun aturkan opis.  Nak kena filing menatang yang kecik-kecik ni.  Nak kena balik.  Nak kena gi klinik.  Nak kena buat appointment.  Nak kena koling edibadi.  Tapi sekarang ni sudah lunch hour.  Nobadi in de haus.  But I want to do everything quickly so I can go off and settle my kids.  If I go off now, nanti still I need to kam bek to ofis and koling-koling edibadi again.  Waste much taim.  So I better stay in opis and...  DONO LAH!

Cis.  I think I need a third cup of kofi! 


cerita hari ini

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Jap jap. Nak nulis nih... Tapi aku memerlukan suasana. Nak kena buat kofi panas satu for myself. Diharap bersabar ya.

Kofi Love

Dah. Kofi dah siap. Sekejap je sebab hari ni aku rasa nak senang je lah. Pakek Nescafe Gold dalam sachet je. Mentara tu I noticed that... I have a lot of cleaning and clearing to do. A lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of it! Ceh. Then there comes the question. When will I get to bring the kids to the clinic pulak?

Nemind. Let's begin one by one.

Last Night
The kids were restless. Abang Long has been okay but still monitoring since he has been needing off and on the nebuliser. Cik Adik and Abang Ngah dua-dua nose blocked, bad flu, bad cough, chesty, wailing, dedar, slight fever. You know. The scratchy, itchy throat and lung chesty cough with profuse flu tu.

So this morning, Cik Adik and Abang Ngah telah dinebuliserkan oleh Pawpaw mereka.

This Morning
Laki dah sebut sekian waktu dah lewat sebab this morning's arrangement was to send him to Komuter pagi ni. Aku masih tergolek-golek atas katil. Bila tak sihat, budak tak nak lepaskan kita. When I did, I just decided yang since bebudak tak sihat macam ni, maybe I should take leave to bring them to clinic, monitor, get them to rest and etc lah kan. Kebetulan pun boss is out of office today. Easier to go. But whatever it is, I'd still have to masuk opis jugak to clear all cups and saucers from yesterday's meetings. [Opis takde pantry lady ye. Harap maklum.]

So I went on to mandi mentara the kids is distracted by the father with the nebuliser. Terus je siap. Bapaknya terpinga jap sebab I sauk semua bag macam nak gi keje. Memang nak gi keje pun. So I explained to him on the way out. Jam tu kesian tengok bebudak. Sorang dah meraung terbaring kat tengah porch. Lagi sorang terduduk melabuh siku ke lutut muka sedey gila okei... Yang lagi sorang tu, tak bangun-bangun. Yang itu, memang la pandai tido; tapi bila soh tido... Kalo ko tak kata nak punish dia, harus ko yang tido dulu dari dia. Hah.

The Journey to Dropping Off Encik Black
So I drove out. Komuter would be so ramai orang. Ini lelaki harus tiba di KL town area so he'd have to interchange to Putra-LRT pulak. La la la... He got dropped off direct kat Putra-LRT Kelana Jaya station terus. I was kind of worried of the jam. It had been so long since I drove into town in the mornings. Ada la kut ter-cuss sikit kenapa I tak naik je NPE via Subang terus hantar mamat ni sampai opis. But it got easier when we got to the turn off into KJ.

Then he was advising me which option of road for me to take. He said, I could go on straight to NKVE. I was, "Huh?" Okei. Korang tak paham eh? Haha. Aku tak pikir pun lagi cemana aku nak balik. All I knew, the road from KL-Klang biasanya smoother dari Klang-KL route. So I was still la la la.

He got dropped much earlier than we expected sebab kebetulan ada kereta parking kat tepi jalan, dropping off a passenger yang memang nampaknya nak pi naik train tu. Kitorang memang tak familiar ngan jalan tu... To where should we stop to drop people off. So kitorang pun stop je la sekali, just in case jalan kat depan tu berpagar macam at the point where kitorang berenti tu. That would be a really hefty walk to the pedestrian bridge. But he was already dropped off. When I dah ke depan sikit, baru nampak that he actually could have been dropped off nearer to the bridge.

The Journey After Dropping Off Encik Black
I pun drive la dari Stesen Kelana Jaya tu nak patah balik ke opis. Easiest turn off is NKVE biar turun terus kat exit Klang, terus turun masuk simpang masuk opis. So I drove on taking the road jalan terus... Siap lalu bawah terowong... Pastu tu nampak One Utama... Then I was like... Kat mana la aku nak kena masuk ni? Haha. Tengok signboards. Blur. Dah sampai Curve baru la I was like, "E'e'ne..." So buat la U-turn. Beratur dengan sabarnya. Naik turun fly-overs sampai la balik kat atas terowong tu to get into NKVE. Haha. Karut tak? Haha.

Surprisingly, I got in the office around the same time as everyone else.

Ugly Fact
I haven't put on a watch for quite some time and the clock in the car would always say that the time 15:00-ish so I have to depend on my mobile to check the time.

And I just realised that I left my phone at home... ... ...

Right Now
So right now, I'm still blogging... The stale kofis and mugs and saucers and teaspoons and cups and glasses (yeah, you get what I mean) are still sitting there for me to stare. I finished my cup of kofi many minutes ago.

The Things I Need To Settle In The Ofis
• Washing, drying and storing back those things.
• Clearing all bits and papers strewn front and back of the office.
• Sort the small receipts out neatly.
• Shred the whatevers.
• Verify and print what has been emailed to me.

The Things I Need To Actually Do
• The ofis housekeeping.
• Relocate the other 2 medical cards that I have misplaced from the previous trips to the clinic.
• Bring the kids to the clinic.
• Sort the kids out.
• Sort a little something out for this evening.
• New Insert: Gi kedai pasal baju.

The Additional Things That I Need To Do
• Sort out Cik Adik's bajus; yang mana muat, yang mana tak muat, yang mana belum muat. Tedious process la ni.
• Jahit kaki seluar laki sebelum dia berbunyik buat kali kedua. Haha.
• Gi kedai pi beli sayur.
• Find myself a good book.
• Sort out baju-baju the boys pulak.
• Oh oh oh. I lupa I need to go to the kedai about the baju... Oh. Bagaimana harusku lakukan pula... This needs to into the list of The Things I Need To Actually Do. Let me put this in jap. Ok. Dah.

Why in the world to I have to sumbat and do everything today? Maybe I sendiri rasa just in case I really need to not be in the office tomorrow, depending on the kids punya well-being.

So okei lah. Pit-stop bilik air dulu.


Rabu, 21 Julai 2010

built in alarm system

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Aku teringat, terjumpa video anak bertuah aku sorang ni.  Hehehe.

Tajuk video ini adalah - Built In Alarm System:

Dan aku berasa amat bertuah untuk menjadi Mak-nya...

Selasa, 20 Julai 2010

dilema diri kenkadang ni...

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Tadi aku ada buat tulis-tulis sikit dalam Notes on FB.  Please allow me to copy paste je kat sini.  Bleh?  Marah ke?  Ada aku kesah? 

---> Notes Bertajuk: Izinkan Aku Mengomel Sebentar Sambil Berseling Berbelahak

Aku rasa mungkin penat telinga Boss menadah untuk mendengar aku belahak "VERRRRRRP" "UFPHHH" "BERBERRKH" dari pagi tadi. Bukan pun dia menadah. Sakit telinga dah kut mendengar sebab tak ada choice pun.

Sori beb. Badan aku banyak angin. Tu sebab aku pun banyak angin. Hari ni angin santai. Esok angin beachy. Lusa masih lagi angin beachy...

Susahnya nak kuruskan badan. Tapi Allah Maha Kaya. Kalau aku dianugerahkan badan macam Lindsay Lohan, dah lama aku MEMANG JADIK Lindsay Lohan tu hagaknya! Haha. Betul tak? Jessica Alba ke... Ni dah hampir dengan Joanne Kam Popo dah. Cemana tu? The girl version of Afdlin Shauki. Gebuuuuu gitu. Rambut pun entah hapa rupa. Kenot bega. Sebab tengah babat macam ni ko buat pesen apa pun, tetap nampak macam beruang.

Macam mana pun aku tetap bersyukur. Elemen-elemen aku cukup. Anggota badan pun cukup. Alhamdulillah. Aku bulat cengginik pun laki sayang lagi kat aku... [AMIN AMIN AMIN!!!] He he. Tu yang sampai kena pakai balik koset ni. Rengsa. Tapi nasib baik not so rengsa today bekos opis akak ni, lagi sejuk dari Ostolia. Akak tak tipu okei... Marlene... You don't jeles-jeles me okei. Brisbane too hot for Akak. Over here is 16c okei. Nak jatuh jari-jemariku disini.

Dengan itu tadi, ia telah membuatkan aku kol sana sini... Okei tipu. Aku tepon satu orang je. Nak tanya mana nak merayap pi lunch hari ni. Salah satu hari beachy aku tanpa sekelumit perasaan terkesima pun.

Ye. Soalannya adalah - KENAPA.

I oso dono.

Mungkin hanya... Sedangkan Lia Devega yang dah beranakranak tu pun masa peknen besau lengan aku sekarang ni. Apatah lagi aku nak jadi sebesau lengan tangan aku ni.

Tetiba teringat insiden over the wiken. Ada our family photos kat depan rumah. Tunjuk kat Inez, tanya la pada dia, "Who's this?" Dia pun nyebut, "Bam." Then tanya dia pulak, "Where's Papa?" Dia pun tunjuk kat gambar tu sambil sebut "Papa". Naturally aku pun tanya la dia, "Where's Mak?"

Ko tau... Hanya pada gambar lepas aku beranak dua SAHAJA yang dia buleh identify Mak dia. Mak bukan Mak ketika wedding day itu berlaku.

Perasaannya? Macam lahanat... Haha.

Ye. Gelak ye? Aku pulak terpaksa... biarkan saja engkorang gelak. Sebab aku nak gi lunch ni.



This is what marriage and many kids could do to you.  You GAIN more love than you imagined!!


>>> AFTER...

Adakah tidak, ia menjadi tragis??? [Pensan]

Dapat pulak hari ni circulation email from a friend.

Jangan Lupa Jadi Isteri Setelah Bergelar Ibu

Menurut Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah kebanyakkan lelaki yang berumahtangga mahukan seorang isteri. Suami tidak peduli samada isterinya melahirkan seorang anak atau 10 orang anak, yang penting baginya dia masih memerlukan isteri. Tetapi,sambungnya, ramai isteri selepas mempunyai tiga atau empat orang anak menjadi ibu dan kurang menjadi isteri.

Sambung Baca Kat SINI.

I dono lah.  Mixed feelings sebab denial sikit.  I mean, at some point I feel I have a right to be fat although I don't wanna be.  I have a right to wollow about being over weight and not do anything about it.  I have a right to it.  That's just what I feel. 

Truthfully I am thankful that I have help at home, juga Encik Black adalah seorang hands on Pawpaw and husband.  Dia ringan tulang.  Walau pun kerap memberikan aku sedikit brain damage mengikut keadaan dan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.  Haha.  But for other women married to especially Malay men...  Reciprocate la sikit.  Bini all out buat kerja, masak, jaga anak FOR YOU.  You balik rumah pun dia kena kelek you, ngadap you, serve and make sure apa yang diberikan is following your specfications; sambil anak melaung, terpaut kat kaki, bergaduh in the background.  If your wife looks like she's doing alright - trust me, she's not.

Go ask her to go out with her girlfriends for coffee ke hapa.  If she doesn't want, you force her.  That 3 hours for herself, means much more than you can ever imagine.  Tapi kalau dah bagi, jangan la sebut guilt-laced statements yang berbaur lapisan Mem Aloyah Kueh Lapis yang membawa maksud:


Itu adalah sangat noti dan sangat mengecilkan hati isteri ya, tuan-tuan sekalian...  Then bila dia kecik hati, jangan la pura-pura nothing happened.  That would be simply OBNOXIOUS okei...  Reti-reti la amik hati.  Ni karang kalau bini tergeram sendiri kat dapur kang, ada la kut terdengar statement tambahan yang memang rasa nak letupkan terus satu dapur tu.  Ye lah.  Ingat ko sorang boleh ikut perasaan ke?  Tau la you are heaven and earth.  But kan best kalau YOU jugak dapat jadi understanding masa kita kawin muda-muda dulu...  Takkan I je yang kena maintain kan?

To have your wife constantly be your wife, sometimes you have to remind her how it feels to be youthful again.  Allow her to reconnect with herself.  Because HERSELF itulah that made you fall in love with her in the first place.

Okei la.  So long I meraban.  But at least, meraban with a purpose!

Jangan Lupa Jadi Isteri Setelah Bergelar Ibu

Watikah hari ini adalah...

An email forward I got from a friend this morning.  Good reminder for us women.  It's only natural with all the hectic things in life that we forget about ourself, why we married, and why he married you in the first place.

Jangan Lupa Jadi Isteri Setelah Bergelar Ibu

Menurut Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah kebanyakkan lelaki yang berumahtangga mahukan seorang isteri. Suami tidak peduli samada isterinya melahirkan seorang anak atau 10 orang anak, yang penting baginya dia masih memerlukan isteri. Tetapi,sambungnya, ramai isteri selepas mempunyai tiga atau empat orang anak menjadi ibu dan kurang menjadi isteri.

Peringkat awal mungkin suami boleh bertahan, menyenduk nasi sendiri,ambil nasi sendiri ambil air sendiri sebab isteri sibuk melayan anak-anak tetapi lama-kelamaan suami menjadi bosan.

Penat di pejabat dan di rumah pula tidak mendapat layanan isteri. Beliau menekankan, ramai suami tidak tahan apabila isterinya menjadi ibu sehingga suami merasa terpinggir. Di luar banyak terdapat gejala-gejala yang mengambil alih tugas isterinya di rumah untuk melayan makan-minumnya.

Ada wanita lain dengan ramah akan bertanya, “Encik nak minum, saya siapkan kopi, encik nak makan nanti saya hidangkan nasi….”. Ini akan membuatkan suami merasa wanita itu melayannya dengan baik sedangkan di rumah dia hanya mendengar kata-kata, “You buat sendirilah, I sibuk nak layan budak-budak ni. I penatlah…”

Tu baru bab lahiriah yang dipinta.. kalau alasan tu juga dibagi waktu berkehendakan hubungan badan.. hmmmm tak tau la cek nak kata.. takut nanti ada isteri2 yang makan hati akhirnyer bila suami menyatakan keinginan utk beristeri satu lagi…:).. Senantiasalah beringat bahawa seorang suami yang menyimpan perasaan marah atau tak puashati terhadap tolakan kita… sepanjang malam kita akan dilaknati oleh malaikat… sehinggalah suami kita memaafkannya. . Kerna itu.. seboleh2nya. .jangan biarkan si suami tertidur sendirian kerna menantikan kehadiran kita menemaninya .. kalau boleh, hentikan dulu kerja2 yang dilakukan.. temani suami buat seketika utk memenuhi keperluan dirinya.. tak semua semua inginkan seks semata2.. ada yang hanya mau lena dipelukan anda atau sebaliknyer. ..

Suami yang longgar pengetahuan agamanya dan tidak tahu tanggungjawab akan mudah berlaku curang walaupun sepatutnya dia membantu dan faham keadaan isteri. Pesan beliau, “Isteri jangan lupa menjadi isteri”. Sambut suami balik dari pejabat, ambil begnya, layan sekejap, tuangkan air dan berikan sentuhan sayang walaupun hanya dua atau tiga minit walau sibuk bagaimana sekalipun. Jangan disebabkan dua atau tiga minit ini, akhirnya suami lebih senang dilayan oleh wanita lain. Jangan sesekali ambil remeh perkara begini..biasernyer bagi lelaki yang sudah berumahtangga, satu cara utk dier lepaskan bebanan kepala setelah seharian bekerja.. adalah dengan menerima layanan baik dari isteri..sekalipun hanya dengan senyuman isteri dimuka pintu… tatkala itu..dihatinya pasti rasa sungguh gembira kerana ada yang menanti dan meringankan bebanan emosi nya..

Ramai wanita, menurut beliau, selepas mendapat dua atau tiga orang anak akan mulai terlalu yakin diri dan bongkak. Mereka merasakan sudah lama berkawin dan tidak perlu menjaga tubuh badan atau bahasa tuturan. Mereka lupa kebanyakkan lelaki mudah tertarik pada yang cantik dan lemah-lembut. Mereka juga selalunya atau kebanyakkannyer berasa suami harus faham keadaan mereka yang senantiasa diperlukan oleh anak2..ini silap.. sekalipun berapa anak yang diperolehi.. .suami tetap merupakan “Anak Sulung”… walau sayang banyak mana pada anak pun.. suami harus senantiasa didahulukan. …;)

Lelaki berumur atau tua tetapi kalau melihat wanita muda mereka boleh terlupa yang diri sudah bergelar suami. Walaupun sudah tua tetapi jiwa muda keluar kembali kecuali di tabir oleh keimanan yang tebal. Yang ada “pendinding” akan sengaja membahasakan diri tua dengan perempuan dibahasakan dirinya ‘Pak cik’ adalah dengan sengaja di lakukan demikian untuk memadam segala keinginan.

Seperti yang sering beliau nyatakan, orang lelaki mudah perasan bilamana keadaan dirinya tak tenteram…dan dikala ini apabila ada wanita muda menunjukkan minat, berbuat baik, lelaki yang berumur akan mudah perasan. Malah tambahnya lagi, ada wanita lain yang menghargai dirinya lebih dari isteri yang dirumah yang sentiasa mengomel dan memperkecilkan diri suami.

Isnin, 19 Julai 2010

Gossip? Pasal I ke? ...err... Ke pasal you?


Fuh. Berita terkini tuuuu gua dapat beb. Sensasi! Panas! Panas! Gossip apa tu, lu tanya. Punya la banyak sampai gua tak terdaya nak ulang tayang kat sini! For sure korang bengang ngan gua kan? Haha. Ada aku kesah?

The kids dah tido. I'm still awake dengan masalah kembung perut. Selalu aku buat gelak kat abang S. Perut dia maveles. Bulat. Jitu. Kenkadang letak pen kat hujung perut dia sambil bertanya, "Ni kalo cucuk, pecah tak?" Yang patutnya, aku cucuk perut sendiri je. Tak pun, cucuk kat latino ass ni. Pastu pasang api. Nadia menjadi The Rocket Man. Haha.

Entah dah berapa hari aku tak menulis. I've lost my sense of humour. Maybe that means I'm losing weight. Sebab kurang nganga. Kurang gelak. Tak masuk angin. Sekarang angin mau keluar. Duniaku ada sedikit hambar.

Lately ni, I get things repetition playbacks in my head. Aku terasa mulut aku makin jahat. Dia jadi dendam berbuku dalam hati. Musabahkan diri. So mulut aku ni kena berenti berkata-kata. Done.

So okei. Lepas tu aku pun tido...

Sent via BlackBerry from Maxis

Jumaat, 16 Julai 2010

16 July 2010 - Entry 1

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Today is good.  Surprisingly.  Despite the fact aku dok bagitau kat sorang ni, "Tolong jangan ganggu aku," dengan ucapan yang sangat mendatar tanpa perasaan.  Sori beb.  Apa differentnya hari ni dengan hari-hari lain, you coming here tell me something special?  I spiking beri good Inggris here.  I trying my very best. 

Anyway, mode lembab, kematu, tidak mahu bergerak...  Baca paper pun macam orang tengok aku membaca Annual Report.  Ye.  Penjelasannya akan membuatkan ko konpius.  Betul tu.  Sebab aku pun konpius.  Apa menatang am I toking about?  Oh ai donch no....  Dan orang yang aku dok berulang sebut, "Jangan ganggu aku," itu pun, dengan tiada perasaannya, TIDAK reti-reti untuk membawa dirinya pergi seperti ayat-ayat aku itu adalah tidak wujud sama sekali.  O.  Haha.  Lantak la ko.  Haha.

So I had my oats in the morning.  I don't have a problem with oats.  Then I got bored.  I started taking dono wat gambar of myself.  Haha.  Lepas tu stress.  Phone jadi lembab.  Ye lah.  Dah asik amik je, tak reti nak pilih delete pun.  Haha.

Just got back from lunch and a visit to the bank.  Good timing jugak la I'd say. 

ONE/  Friday prayers.  Kurang orang.  Kurang rengsa.  Kurang la. 

TWO/  Dalam semua kekurangan yang positif itu, mesin duit tu kurang ajor.  Orang soh amik duit tu, dia berdegil tak mau jugak.  Ei.  Bukan aku nak bagi ko duit ke?  Sampai boring je Pakcik Senapang tu dengar aku membebel, "Wat?  You donch want my money izit...," setiap kali mesin tu reject.  Last-last, duit itu ikut je la aku balik.  Blei?

THREE/  Haha.  Sori.  Dah lupa apa nak cakap!

First [the only one, I hope!] coffee is on my table.  Going to sambung work with much scrutiny.  Berjaga-jagalah kamu, kamu, kamu...  MUAHAHAHAHAHAH <----  Amacam?  Puaka tak gelak Akak ni?  Haha.

Okei...  Got things to do.


Khamis, 15 Julai 2010

Eh? You bukan friend I eh?

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Aku tengah sangap ni.  Bekos of the kesangapan itu, I spent my time searching names that are obvious palang in my life.  Haha.  And the oblivious, I am totally blocked from even searching for them.  Haha.  Aku tak marah pun.  But why la...  Bukan ke engkorang yang carik hal ngan aku?  Bukan korang ke yang buat cerita pasal aku?  Bukan korang ke yang menginjakkan aku?

Kelakarkan?  Yang aku ni pun gatal pulak sesaja nak tengok diorang cemana sekarang ni.  Haha.

The people you find la kan...  One added me, then removed me, then requested for friend again, then when I ignored go cancel me off la kan.  Halluuuu...  If one on one were this, dah lama semorang berperang tau. 

Oh, and finally I embraced something.  Dah la time discovery tu aku tengah dalam bilik air tengah mandi!  Haha.  Tehapa-hapa kan? 

Had this friend from school.  People often ask me about her walaupun dah lebih, almost 19 year sudah, about where she is ka apa ka sekarang ni.  I dono.  Really.  Aku carik dia sebab aku pedulik.  We drifted bekos of situations that she doesn't understand, instead says I cared less.  So maybe she was right.  But when you get married, you have kids, all life changes lah kan, tak align dengan the other person, nak tuding jari pun, tak payahlah.  Selagi a person doesn't go through that same cycle, dia takkan paham. 

But somehow, it bothers me.  It bothered me how it ends every time with this pompuan.  Like, it just died.  Then I realised that her zodiac is as such. 

Seriously, I don't read zodiacs punya foretell things, but I look for the personality traits so I understand them more and then bila tengah-tengah sabunkan badan tu, I went....  "YA AMPUUUUN....  Fatut ler fatut..."

Yes.  It took me THAT long to realise. 

So friendships are built, some flourish over years, some just die off with drama or just tergolek mampus cenggitu.  It just takes a lot of understanding, patience and love to go through many years of that.  Just the same how last time we always like brand people like, "Eh, minah to eksyen la," or "Eh, berlagak!" when after 20 years you realise, how same you are have been from Day ONE. 

Yes.  I found people who are same. 

It just proves that it takes time to make a friendship worth while.

Taken off the web.  Thanks [HERE]
You know who you are!

Ikan Kerisi Goreng Berempah [previously known as Ikan Goreng Sumbat]

Updated Version

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Hari ni aku nak post resipi yang my MIL ajar.  Lama gak aku dok panggil masakan ikan ni sebagai ikan sumbat.  Sampai la last few weeks, aku baru like, tersadar yang it isn't ikan sumbat.  Haha.  Buduhnya aku ni.  So, namanya mekanan ini adalah dinamakan semula sebagai Ikan Masak Berempah.  Maafkanlah.  Haha.



Ikan Kerisi
Bawang Merah
Bawang Putih
Cili Kering
Serbuk kunyit dan garam secukup rasa
Minyak untuk menggoreng

Step ONE

  • Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih & Cili Kering tu korang blendkan kasar dan kering.  Lagi banyak, lagi best.  You'll know this after your first try.

  • Please.  No water-water inside the blender okei.  Bagi yang betul-betul amatur di dapur, blender tu selalu datang ada dua bahagian kan?  Sila guna blender yang kemetot sontot tu.  Yang tinggi tu untuk kalo nak blend letak air. 

Step TWO

  • Kunyit dan garamkan ikan kerisi tu. 


  • Amik the bawangs+cili kering tadi, and lumurkan all over the fish.  Cilikan muka ikan tu!  Kalo ko kerongkongkan mahupun memerut bawang+cili keringkan ikan tu pun elok.  Cecewah.  Haha.

  • Biar for a few minutes.  The longer, the better.  Don't forget to flip once in a while from one side to the other
 Sementara tu mari kita ke step yang seterusnya...


  • Panaskan minyak dalam kuali.


  • Goreng sampai kuning. 

  • The rempahs itu akan boleh jadi kaler hitam bila garing.  Donch worry okei.  Sebab itulah yang marvelesnya.  Sila pikap semua bawang/cili kering yang dah digoreng tu sekali bila dah habis masak.  

Inilah the end result of the cooking.
Jangan konfius.  Memang itu dua ekor ikan. 
Sekor tu, kepala dia tercabut masa nak pusing side dalam kuali semalam.

F.A.Q. [Haha.  Poyos gilers...  Maafkanlah.]

Apa special nya mekanan yang ni?
I would say, the best part about this dish is that, the fragrant yummy smell would stay around for so long.  Mekanan pembuka selera.

Apa ke namanya ikan ni in the orang puteh land? 
Kalo korang adalah di oversea, so so sorry.  I kenot answer to you kalo nak tanya macam soklan Abang Long semalam iaitu, "Mak, what is this kerisi ikan in English?"  kerana Mak dia dengan toyanya telah menjawab, "I haven't gone overseas yet so I haven't found out what they call it there.  I call it Ikan Kerisi." 

And if the question is why must Ikan Kerisi? 
I think it is very sedap dengan isi ikan putih yang tak pecah.  Maybe Ikan Merah (Yang ni aku tau...  Namanya RED SNAPPER!!) would work tapi Ikan Merah adalah mahal yang mana satu potong je pun dah sepuluh hengget di Pasar 16.  Jadi, gunakan je la Ikan Kerisi.

This is one the fastest to prepare.  Usually the second dish I'd cook.  First would be anything else macam masak lemak ke...  Asam pedas ke...  Tom Yam ke...  It doesn't take much time to prepare either.  

Have fun trying!

PS: Ces. Rupanya I've written out the recipe for this ikan in an ealier blog.  Tapi...  Ada aku kesah? 

THE UPDATE @ 13 July 2011

I just discovered that many arrive at my blog in search of the name of Ikan Kerisi in English.  And bikos of u'olls, I pigi carik and found that Ikan Kerisi is GOLDEN THREADFIN BREAM.

The info dalam Wikipedia tak ada gambar ikan yang sepatutnya so I put the fish photo for you to print out and bring to your local fishmonger. 

Golden Threadfin Bream

Terkojot jugak ai bila dapat tau nama ikan ni species Bream sebab selalu je mamat The Sims Survivor ai tangkap nak buat makan panggang atau pun masak lemak setiap kali balik gua lepas memancing.  Macam teruja gitu, boleh? 

Jangan lupa suruh orang jual ikan tu siangkan ikan tu dan buang perut.  And make sure each time you pilih ikan tu insang dia ada la merah lagi dan perut dia tak lembik.  I often feel frustrated sebab biasanya mentara ikan ni sampai market, ikan dia dah ada selaput kat mata or perut dah lembik.  So I just go with the basic of picit perut tak lembik and insang merah je.  Itu kiranya requirement minima. 

And oh ya, jangan pilih ikan yang lagi besar dari diameter kuali yang you ada sebab nanti... cemana ko nak masak kalau tak muat masuk kuali kan?  Jangan pulak ko pi bawak kuali tu masuk pasar.  Malu akak untuk ko.  Jangan eh.  Nanti ai shai.

Okay.  Selamat memasak.  Babai.

Rabu, 14 Julai 2010

roti bonyok

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Semalam I beli roti in the morning bila cucuk minyak dalam kereta.  Then I thought, "Aaah.  Biar je la dalam kereta!"  Disebabkan atas kepandaian aku tu, roti yang segar telah menjadi tragis.

Amacam?  Pandai tak aku?  Haha.
Bongok betul.

nadia yang ajaib

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I had trouble with my computer this morning.  Couldn't get into anything.  Marah ke?  Tak.  Rengsa.  Even the comments I had dalam my FB status updates didn't do much for me.  So instead, I concentrated on filing.  Yes.  Ape ke jadah nya Nadia membuat filing?  Haha.  Yes indeed.  That was what I did. 

Taken off the web.  Thanks [HERE]
Aku buat filing.  Macam ajaib je.

My mental selama dua tiga hari ni agak mental.  Bukan heavy metal.  Tapi sengal metal. 

Let me tell you.  Reading something would require me to read berkali-kali and despite having tried very very hard, I still miss the point or whatever it was trying to say.  Dan aku merengsakan penulis dengan bertanya apa ke benda menatangnya yang orang tu tulis. 

So anyway, having done with lunch etc, now aku mengadap balik meja yang bersepah-sepah files.  Orang pun harus konfius.  Tak tau sebenarnya I'm done with it or not.  Haha.  Aku sendiri pun tak sure.  Haha.  Aku pun tak tau mana la pulak nak simpan semua menatang filenya ni kat mana.  Sebabnya, the predecessor's files are still in the cabinets.  I haven't removed them because they're quite current and so got no space lor...  Jadinya masuk je dalam kotak yang mana aku tau mana nak retrieve balik kat bawah meja ni.  Janji kemas.  Cuma sekarang, tak kemas.  Sakit mata.  Tapi malas.  Haha.  Bongok tak?  Nak tanya tu...  Cemana nak buat.  Haha.

But so I must.  At least I can move on to doing something else.  Walau pun aku ni sebenarnya sedang agak sengal.  Otak berdengung.  Penat lain macam.  Nak tido.  Nak balik.  Tak nak balik.  Alah.  Memacam lah. 

By the way, like my new layout?  I just got bored with the old one, though I loved it so much.  It's not too bad la kan.  It's nice.

It's me.


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