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Monday, July 13, 2015

My Choice of Meat

Watikah hari ini adalah...

On my normal days, I would like to have Chili's New York Strip.  It's lagi sedap dari TGIF or Tony Roma's.  Ini adalah mengikut panduan hasil tekak akak ni la.  But today, I still can't get over the Rib Eye Steak by Jibby & Co in Empire, Subang Jaya.

Portion dia memang besar gila bab yang Mak tak sangka dan tanjat sungguh Mak pada hari itu.  But the impossible happened.  It was good that I actually finished it.  Despite the fact that I shared a little with Abang Long by cutting into small pieces.  

Photo Credit: Googled

The steak was served dengan 2 jenis sauces.  One was like cheezy and the other was barbecue-ish pedas kinda sauce.  I just like it plain.  Sebab yang barbecue-ish tu macam pedas.  Yang cheezy tu, boleh la. Similar to carbonara sauce taste.

Hey, I am a plain kinda girl.  I like my steaks with salt and pepper.  Herb butter and a little bit of black pepper sauce.

Rezeki aku dapat mencuba sebab orang belanja.  Harga serving (please brace yourself here) is RM75.00 per plate.  But you know what?  Next time oso, this steak will the reward for myself once every 6 weeks (cecewah beso beno hasrat dihati ya).  So at least I can put aside RM13.00/week. Hihihi.  

And Nadia goes merepek...

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