Khamis, 16 Mac 2017

16 March 2017

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I went to Shasha's funeral today. This lovely woman who was loved and celebrated, then lost to cervical cancer. Tersentuh jiwa bila tengok ramainya orang yang hadir, just for her. Ramai yang terus bersusun di saf untuk dia. It clearly shows how she relates to people. Always smiling. And with constant patience, the love, care and attention her husband showed without even showing. 

Dear Shasha, 
rest now, for you have lived.

Dear Pyah, 
I wish I could hug and comfort you, even though we rarely speak, or meet. Remember that, no sacrifice is greater than what you can carry. Please have comfort, wallow, be upset, cry and accept to forgive and move on. You have done the best that you could. And do learn to live the life that you have. 

I have nothing more to say.
I'm just sad.
For love and loss.

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