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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Beach House in My Head

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I am contemplating a lot of things right now:

- Ada masa yang rasa macam nak free fall - tapi kang aku mungkin mati dulu sebab heart failure sebelum sampai tanah.  

- Ada rasa macam secara rawak nak lari keliling bangunan and sweat it all out just by using my mind and I do it successfully.  

- Ada juga yang rasa macam leaving everything to be in beach house and that is all that matters - memang gila selfish la ni.  

Whatever it is that I have in my mind is simply Lala Land.  Best tempat tu.  Ada la dalam beberapa ribu kali I check in ke situ in a day.  It helps me to dream, to explore things that I think I would want and how to get there (walaupun most of the time the place is just there, and I can't find the connection road langsung).

But can you imagine this.  

Aku dok kat beach house kan.  Pakek bikini top kaler dark blue dengan white cut-off jeans looking slim don't forjot like the Mat Salleh.  Rambut mousey coloured with blonde streaks across on my back sambil pakai rayban tengah masak kat dapur.  Rayban tu penting sebab dapur ni open concept, berhadapan dengan family room yang folding doors dia open to a patio, overlooking the sea.  Itu pun penting.

Item Googled HERE

The house is wooden green turqoise colour.  Kinda matches the colour of the overlooking sea.  As I cook, the wind drifts in and engulfs in my hair.  Perasaan tu cam comel sangat.  Lagi-lagi boleh titiskan peluh dada dalam kuali bikos I'm so hot you know...

Aku masak fresh ikan panggang with lemon slices.  Then selang 4 jam, keluar pulak cinnamon rolls serve panas-panas with coffee duduk kat patio tu.  For dinner, we have barbecue dekat situ pulak and I'll have my steak going.  Oh how I do love my steak (gigil)!

Well it was nice to have checked out sekejap.

Time to rejoin the reality!


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