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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Watikah hari ini adalah...

In the entry I wrote before this, ada cerita tentang BULAN BINTANG.  You all pun agaknya total loss kut bila aku bercerita laidat-laidat je.  However, I must tell you that the products were actually featured dalam Berita Harian on Hari Malaysia, 16 September 2012.

You can go check out BULAN BINTANG fan page 
on Facebook by clicking ---> HERE.

Kalau suka, terusik hati dan jiwa; just comment on the photos or send the BULAN BINTANG Admin a message about harga and which ones yang menarik perhatian anda.  The one I took is the big blue one with yellow BULANG BINTANG sewn with beadings and a matching plain white and red stripe.  
So, it's cantik lah.  Side by side becomes the Malaysian flag.  

It's definitely worth to just try and have a looksy there in Facebook.  

Now, GO!



mizzura said...

jarang orang nak deco guna jalur gemilang...lawaa...

kalo union jack tu..dari bag tshirt payung etc..semua ada..

Nadia Is Cute said...

Itulah. Maybe the concentration is dengan obersea kot sebab hari tu perasan in the news coverage for Malaysian Kitchen in London, ada payung Jalur Gemilang lagi you....

They should lah try to market kat sini juga, rasanya. It's fun.


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