Jumaat, 7 Oktober 2011

There you have it!

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Hi everyone!  Anyone missed me?  Am I missing myself?  Haha.

Well, I got things done.  A lot of things and still ongoing.  Life, can be felt.  And I am so thankful to hypertension pills, and coffee...  Gosh. 

I haven't been well.  One after another.  And so last week I sat my Bapak down. 

Me: "So what else is there that runs in the family?

Bapak: "Uh?"

Me: "High blood...  Thyroid...  What else?  I need to know so that I can look forward to it since I'm the who seems to be having it all (not my other siblings)..." *eyes rolling*

Bapak: "Yes, high blood, heart attack... (Pauses) Thyroid??"

Me: "Your sister have them la..."

Bapak: "Yes, but not the brothers."

Me: Ooookaaaaaay...  *eyes rolling*

Mak: Yes, that's on my side of the family too, heart attack.  All my late father and brothers died of heart attack..." [Yippee??]

Me: "Then, late Granma was diabetic..."

Bapak: "But none of us (his siblings) have it."

Me: "But it can skip a generation right..." *invisibly slapping my forehead*

Bapak: (Pauses and dreams away)

Me: "Cancer also right..."

Bapak: (Pauses and again, he managed to drift away) 

His sisters' cancer types were triggered when they were taking medication off other ailments.

Bapak: "Your sister has got asthma, right?"

Mak: "Yes, she's the only one with it."

I am the only asthmatic since young in the family.

So then I spoke to Moon.  I need to manage this situation and there we were laughing with her telling me, "Yippee!  It's the 5-in-1 package..." while I throw the confetti.

And alas, I don't know where to go with this but, THERE IT IS!

Then I seriously thought of going VEGAN, to begin as a vegetarian first. 

...But I'm still taking my time...

And again, THERE YOU GO!

*drops on the floor like a fly*

2 ulasan:

Queen berkata...

Puan. We share the same genes. What say you we don't go vegetarian as that can create other hosts of problems. We start walking/running. We start massaging. We follow sunnah.

Nadia Is Cute berkata...

I oredi commented and thought it got through.



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