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Thursday, August 5, 2010

budak-budak ni kan...

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Adik-beradik ni kan generally, bila bermuafakat, benar-benar bermuafakat.  Bila tidak, I knock my abang's head and smile and then watch abang cry.  Or, I lick abang bekos I love him and bekos abang is so concentrating on the show he's watching.  Or, I go destroy my adik-adik punya toys bekos I geram I got licked and knocked in the head by them.

Haha.  Kids.  After a few years, we all grow up differently.  Different lives.  Different destinies.

But for now, biarlah diorang belajar bermuafakat. 

I'll just have this scene in memory. 
And I hope it'll stay that way - for the longest time possible. 

But you guys should see when Cik Adik comes with a hanger around the house chasing all the brothers!  You really la dono nak gelak ke, nak marah ke...  Ye lah.  Sambil berjalan tu, sengih dia lebar.  Haha

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