Rabu, 25 Ogos 2010

I've been lagging behind blogging. So, have I been working much? Haha. That's a whole other thing. But indeed I have. Funny how it takes a while to grasp something that has bee there the whole time but needed deliberation about taking an action about it. In short. I'm not that smart. But when I do, I can figure out the hardest hypothesis!

Life has been a ride through. It's not easy. Of late. But I knew it was coming only didn't know what it was about. Now that it arrived, then it is settled.

Children are beautiful creatures. Sometimes it takes a whole effort to make them be the best of people. Sometimes we too get confused with methods, choices and the path we choose for them. Along the way, we break ourselves too. For all the good and bad.

Looking at the picture, don't we all yearn for that free spirited feeling we had once upon a time? Our souls were purer. Our daydreams were simpler. Our goals were easier.

I hope they all grow up to be the best of good things they can be. Just as the hope of any other parent out there. And the journey would be just as confusing as can be for both parents and the child itself.

Pray we all do well in life ~

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