Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

choose: to drink or to smell the aroma of your coffee

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Saya tak marah. Saya tak berkecil hati pun. Saya tidak juga berkira.

...Saya cuma tak suka pembaziran.

Bukan sekali. Bukan dua kali. In fact, sudah terjadi banyak kali.

I know that my bancuhan is not your cup of coffee. It's quite obvious, actually. Maybe it's too strong for you. Taste is subjective. I understand that sesangat. But semalam I made one upon your request. I was only happy to serve. But I was skeptical. Sebab selalu air tu luak seteguk dua je. Ada hari yang tak bergerak pun. The coffee left to curdle.

Some how I thought, maybe it'll be different this time. For one, you requested for the drink. And two, I would only be using the sachet instead of using my own measurement. And so I served.

But really, so seriously, I think you shouldn't ask me for any coffee. Not anymore. It's just a waste of my effort. It's just a waste of good coffee. It's just a waste of my time.

...Because I am convinced that you only ask for one just to get the aroma. A few sips only from the cup. Constantly full no matter how long the talk goes. From hot, to curdled state of coffee. It's still full.

So let's not be wasteful. If aroma was what you needed, then you can just get it from someone else's cup.


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