Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Robbed off security

Just now during lunch, I saw two Indian men on a motorcycle meeting 4-5 other Indian nationals (by assumption) by the carpark. I thought it was meeting for a job or something. But I felt something was amiss.

They were talking with the group of men. The motorcyclist/passenger never took off their helmets. Suddenly I saw one man taking off sandal and running off on foot. Then another tried to disperse. And you somehow know that something was happening.

So my eyes turned onto the commotion, the passenger was pinching the stomach on of the men and struggling with his left pocket. The motorcyclist was about a metre away (just an estimation) holding up another man, but my vision was blocked behind a car. Then group of men, now left with only 3, suddenly all ran towards the restaurant.

The two men went off on the motorcycle and left at the speed as if nothing happened. So brazen.

Poor men to have traveled so far to earn and gotten themselves robbed. I kept wondering if he had his passport there.

One man who drove by stopped to talk to the 3 men left standing to ask what happened, while the rest of us there just stood standing. All in shock. It happened within 5 minutes, or it could've been lesser.

Yes, I felt bad. I became the majority of people who watched and did nothing. But logically, they were foreigner workers. Legal, possibly illegal. But would he lodge a report?

It is tragic to lose money that way. I feel bad for them. And I suddenly lost security in the place I call home.

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