Khamis, 24 Februari 2011

Tell-a-Tale: About a Frog

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I dono what to story today.  But nemind.  I try.

Once upon a time, got one frog.  Frog, blue kaler.  This frog like to jump-jump everywhere.  Jump-jump happy heart all over.  Kenot see danger.  Just jump about bekos it is fun.  So fun can become noti.  But never oso want to listen to people.  Well, got la.  Little a bit.  Listen for a while, but after that start jumping all over again.  People oredi oso tired want to talk-talk but don't listen.

This frog's name is Frog.

So one day, this Frog went to the tool shop like the one in Handy Manny story.  Want to look-look for stuff.  So aegein, frog to jumping-jumping everywhere.  Jump near lighting area.  Then jump at sharp and dangerous items.  Then jump around like Kriss Kross.  Make the shopkeeper ask Frog to leave.  Later if so many things get broken, how?  And what if Frog got hurt?  Frog felt sorry and became sad.

Walking out of the shop, Frog saw ice cream truck.  Behind ice cream truck, got fruit shop.  So many fruits.  Got melon fruit, banana fruit, dragon fruit, fruit juice, jusmate5...  So many-many lah.  And Frog want melon.  But Frog kenot.  Later Frog can get stomachache.  Not good.  Bekos Frog kenot eat fruit.  Frog is a frog.  Frogs kenot eat melon.

So Frog walk to the ice cream truck. 

"One Dragonfly Mint, please," Frog said. 

Frog gave paid for ice cream and walked to sit on a bench.  Eyes looking everywhere.  Up, down, everywhere...  Frog wanted to play.  Then Frog saw neighbour, Rat, strolling by on a scooter.  Frog wanted that scooter.  So Frog chased after Rat.  Frog chased after the scooter.  Frog began to be running  into people.  So many people walking by the road side.  And this Frog making other people fall down.  But Frog didn't care.  Frog only wanted scooter.  Frog ran and ran and ran.  Everybody was shouting and scolding Frog.  All wanted Frog to be careful.  Frog might hurt himself.  But Frog didn't care.  Frog ran up the street and faster when the scooter went down.  And then...  Suddenly, it happened.

Frog turned blue.  No more green.  No more like all the other frogs.

Taken off the web [HERE]


Bekos Frog toppled Mr Octopus over who was on a ladder, painting his laundry shop blue.

The End.


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