Isnin, 4 Julai 2011

Consider consideration

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Sometimes when people need someone to listen to them rant, we listen.  Sometimes when people need help, we will help as we can.  Sometimes people need to whine, this, once in a while is fine. 

When people say they are unsatisfied with where they are now, with what they have, and why isn't it there already, we listen.  Sometimes we get upset because what they want is not something real.  And sometimes we get mixed emotions because they do not seem to be thankful with what they have already.  There would be times where we go away because we have exceeded our own emotional capacity to make space for them.  But when we try to help, we too get various responses.

There would be times when they are thankful.  There would be times when they are angry for whatever feeling they have.  Sometimes, they are not happy about it.  Plainly.

They may want to talk behind you.  They may want to justify themselves.  They may want to say they have every reason to do such and such. 

But truth be known that you are not grateful with what you have.  And all you have done is whine and complain despite all the changes in life God has granted you within a short span of time when others have to wait their lifetime to receive.  And you have nothing good to say for those whom has helped you but talk about them behind their back.  It just shows how limited your capability is.  Just talk, no action.  So what good do you bring to people?

Irony of an arse.  How inconsiderate.

Please be considerate today.  Just for one day, let us all be considerate.  Because today is Monday and hopefully it will bring goodness to us until the end of the week. 

Just that for my thought of the day.

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