Jumaat, 30 September 2011

The Lavender Tea serving @ The Vanilla Place, Empire

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I went to The Vanilla Place kat Empire itu hari.  Orang tekak tengah tak sedap.  Mintaklah Lavender Tea.  Tempat lain kalau you order, for sure dia bagi teapot atau pun ada benda saringan.  But this came like this.

The Lavender Tea serving @ The Vanilla Place, Empire

So I tanya la how to drink, reconfirming dengan ayat, "We cannot eat the lavender riiiiight...??" 
"So how do I drink this?" 
"You have to scoop out the lavender out." 
"And so how do I do it?" 

He thought for a while and then gave an option, "I'll give you a spoon and a plate so you can scoop it out and then you can just pour more water in later to for refill of your tea."

Hmm.  Okay, option eh?  But not when you pay RM9.80 for the tea.  Other than that, the food is okay.  Just this sengal tea.

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