Selasa, 13 September 2011

This life, at this point of time

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Raya was okay.  We do houses.  No, we don't paint houses for people or re-decorate for them. We visit people at their houses during Syawal.  It's interesting to eat the food served especially when you don't have to do the cooking.  THAT, really takes a lot of effort and effort.  A LOT OF IT!

Work has been very barakah.  To get a barakah salary, you work to your bones.  But I am not boneless.  In fact, I contain a lot of fat and water.  Still.  Though I am able to fit back into clothes from a few years back.  But it's a lot better than where I was a few months ago. 

You see, there was a lapse of time where my period was missed.  I thought that I could be pregnant.  But each visit to the GP felt stupid.  Despite the fact that I highlighted how difficult pregnancy tests show that I was pregnant, they still made me run it.  Then they tell me that they are disappointed with the result and ask me to come again.  So I went 3 times and got enough of it to dismiss them and went to see my gynae to really make sure of it. 

So my gynae ran a blood test and we discovered that my hormones were high.  It hasn't reached Hypothyroid, as I am thyroid free.  She explained to me that that gives an explanation why I was missing my period cycles and the amount of weight to be obese I was hauling about.

I shared this discovery with a friend and she said those with high hormones or Hypothyroid would usually have an embedded spine where you would have to prod in further to actually feel the it, where normal people, you could just feel it just by one touch.

Sometime along before all of that, I thought...  Since I was missing my cycles, the best I could do was to fast 30 days straight as it would help to detox and straighten out the body.  And some how, we were all greeted by Ramadhan.  Timely and I am for which, I am thankful for to carry out my responsibility as a Muslim.  So I fasted.

I am also thankful that despite the fact my gynae gave me something to induce my period that I decided not to take at that time, I was able to menstruate naturally.  And I am thankful that with fasting, I lost an amount of weight naturally without the help of any medication. 

For sure, I was very worried on how I was to manage my weight.  I couldn't scramble for time.  My options would take 2-3 hours of the day and I still had to escape from work that just kept coming, and I still had to settle the kids, and the load of housework to cope.  So I really am feeling so thankful.  Alhamdulillah.  I am thankful.

All in all, I would still need to run another blood test in 3 months after of the last test I took to keep track of my health.  Should I fall into Hypothyroid, I would have to be on medication where I really hope I wouldn't have to.

Some may not understand how I feel, what I wanted to do, how I saw myself and what my intentions were when I shared this with a few.  But this was all that I had.  And this I share with you, readers.  All on top of endless work.  All on top of work requirements that I really have to extend my official hours to cope with.  Still, Alhamdulillah, I have a job and I am thankful for.

Today, was an extremely crazy day at work.  I was jumping, screaming, scrambling with the phones and looping crazily over old emails, replying, taking minutes and flipping sideways and tumbling all over the office.  Time was of essence, but it wasn't my friend.  However, I still managed what I needed to do today.  My Blackberry went crazy with notifications of office and Facebook.  More than 100 notifications on birthday wishes for today is the day I turn 35. 

All in irony, where this particular blog entry fall into, despite all of what I had to go through today and the months before, I felt appreciated.  I really am. 

Thank you for all you well wishes.  On Facebook, on WhatsApp, on BBM and messages on SMS.  This, I received from Australia to Mauritius.  I sincerely thank you. 

So cheers to you, Nadia!  You are cute, thankful and have a full life to live in!!

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seldom break berkata...

terharu plak aku baca post ko ni mak.hehehe.but glad u felt that.cheers mak!

Nadia Is Cute berkata...

Thank you :) Ailavyu okes? Never forget that.


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