Jumaat, 26 November 2010


Watikah hari ini adalah...

So how do you like my new blog layout?  Macam takde perasaan je.  Entah.  I was fiddling with it the days before and so lantaklah, with apa yang last aku bega.

Hmm.  Life seems to be moving forward.  As a friend said my strength is being able to put emotions aside while carrying something out.  Though I do feel sometimes I put them together and hence the merentan and meroyan togeder-geder.  But at least I know I'm doing something about it.  Not proud of it though.  I'm still having the kesan of the nail in fence.  Scarred.  Kunun la kan...  But I suppose everyone's like that.  They hide their skeletons in their closet.  It's just how they decorate it that makes people notice it or not.

Perasaannya?  I'm going through it.  And I'm thanking God for giving me the strength to do it. 

Perhaps it's just time to do it.

It's about time that I show that I care.  Much more than they ever imagined.

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