Khamis, 18 November 2010

Cara-cara bagaimana untuk mengelakkan diri dari berperasaan macam tehapa-hapa for you to get through the day

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Mula-mula, kita transform menjadi otromen
dan mengfirekan dapur tu dulu.
Breakfast is the most important meal
of the day you know...

1. Pilih lagu yang akan membuatkan anda tersenyum macam tengah jumpa dentist.

2. Ingat yang orang lain ada lagi banyak menatang dasat dari anda.

3. Ingat yang hukum karma itu wujud dan kita sekadar perlu bersabar, walaupun kenkadang tu tak sabar sesangat.

4. Nyanyi lagu song of the day tu untuk legakan hati.

5. Tengok gambar orang-orang yang menyejukkan hati anda and bersyukur you are still alive to see them.

6. Buat list pekerjaan apa yang you dah buat hari ni sebab nanti you'll feel like, "Eee bessnyer bekos I did so much!"

7. Just be grateful with what you have.  Dysfunctional or not.  Orang lain ada yang dah takde keluarga.  Ada yang takde anggota.  Ada yang takde kereta.  Ada yang takde harta.  Begitulah.

My Song of Day is: Paramore's The Only Exception.

Just so happen I heard it on my way to work when the radio turned out alright pagi ni.  It's also the CRT of spmeone important in my life.  When I heard it while trying to call her, my heart cracked.

I don't know why.  It's such a heartbreaking song.  But I realise that I strive of truthful songs.  But this one hurt.  And I must get over it.  So I can understand and see if there is another side of it that I haven't and find a way to rise above it.

So what I am weird.  Sedang musabahahkan diri aku ke kat sini?  Ye.  Mungkin.  Tadi nak buat blog gelak-gelak suka hati.  Tapi rupanya ada sikit meracun diri.  [smile]

For the past months, I had to listen to Nick Lachey's What's Left of Me.  Setiap hari aku kena dengar lagu ni.  Mebe sebab aku boleh sing it by heart.  Mebe it is the raw feeling of any other man.  Mebe because I need truth to realise that feelings do get hurt, feelings need to wallow, feelings need to cry, feelings need to curse in angst and feelings need to forgive.  

Yes.  That's what we go through every day.  We decide how we want to begin the day and end it.  I decided.  And I decided to love.  And I surprise at how much I get back in return when I don't expect it to happen.

Yesterday, my song of the day was Nick Lachey's Run To Me.  

He tells me that, there is hope.  There are still men like him.  There are still gentle souls like him.  You just need to be optimist about it.  Clear hearts, need to time to rise because of the dirt that cover them.  Just like oil spills over the ocean.  You just have to see beyond all the messes.  And you must own your heart before you can see it alike.

And so I must share with you.

Run To Me

Over your head
Trying not to drown
Reaching for a breath
Before it drags you down
Caught in between
All the pain you feel
You lost control
You're letting go
But I never will

I'm holding on for you
Fighting for your life
When you're blinded by this jaded world
I'll be your light
Even if you fall
I won't let you break
When all the noise is telling you to run away
Run to me

Day after day
After all you've seen
It's alright if you feel like unraveling
I'll be right here
Pushing out the walls
To find a place where you can stay
Brave through it all


When I was lost
Hanging on a thread
I knew that I could run to you
Find my strength again


Owh sudah lah.  I'm just sappy!

But this song just lifted my spirit high again...  [singing songs]

But now I'm humming back Paramore's.  I suppose, maybe it's just time to cry.

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