Khamis, 7 April 2011

Our Trip to Langkawi

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Hari tu we went to Langkawi via Kuala Perlis, three family of friends including ours.  That was during CNY 2-4 February 2011.  Gambar ada lebih seratus ke... dua ratus.  So I thought I'd experiment with this.  And after editing it becomes 172 je.

We drove up via Kuala Perlis, sampai jeti, naik bot, naik kereta sewa, sampai hotel...  and came back the same way.  Took a stop-over in Alor Setar to see Roy and his family.  It was nice to see them. 

Most to most despite all the chaos, the kids really had a great time there.  Now, that, is priceless!

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