Rabu, 13 April 2011

Updating Wednesday

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Hello edibadi!!!!  You guys miss me???  Seriously...

I have been a bizi woman.  Very bizi.  De-cluttering is no easy bisnes.  I don't even make time to de-clutter my own closet.  Not even touching about having to de-clutter a WHOLE office.  Out with the old and in with...  whatever you can work with. 

You know how funny it is when everything's clear, then you realize there is a section not done yet...  then you start pulling them out to have them sorted...  then you get up, turn around, and realize the whole new clutter you have just made...  and you have to de-clutter THAT clutter?  Well, yeah.  It's actually not funny.

Just look the end product - ME!  Rambut tah ke mana...
Muka tah memana tah.  Tapi, ada aku kesah?  Hahaha.
Terimalah saja.  This is who I am.

Then cleaning and clearing stuff is a good thing because having to do that, you will automatically de-clutter your own personal life management.  That's not funny.  Because it's a good thing.  And I'm segmenting myself now.  Finding what else I need to improve myself.


I've actually got stuff to post.  But haven't time for it.  People seemed to think I've lost touch with the cyber world.  Well.  It has only been one day.  So short of an entry.

Well.  Welcome to April.  Welcome to a new year.  Welcome to change.

This is me.

3 ulasan:

Zuwairi Aiman berkata...

Salam kunjungan.. singgah la ke blog saya ;)

seldom break berkata...

mak, u very look like eleyosh.;) tq

Nadia Is Cute berkata...

There! And people keep saying he is so Pawpaw... *eyes rolling* [Even I can tell he looks like me]


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