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Khamis, 16 Jun 2011

Smart as smart ass

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I haven't had time to read.  No.  Not really.  Haven't got any mood to read other people's blog.  My mind is so full of crap that I get panic attacks whenever I know my boss is around.  Haha.  Yeah.  I'm laughing at my own pathetic life.  Well, it isn't that pathetic.  I just felt like saying it.  Like how much of a loser I am.  But I'm not.  Ugh.  Maybe I should blame it on the hormones.  It sucks knowing that you're supposed to be menstruating but nothing's happening and you know for sure you're not bloody pregnant, aside the fact that you are fat, bloated with water and all this waiting for period has gotten my body retaining more water than it should and therefore I am fatter.


Well.  Since I hadn't any mood to reading blogs, I realized that I've been getting visitors from the US.  Maybe, I'm thinking it's because I subscribe to some of the blogs there.  But then again, maybe not.  Maybe they are Malaysians living in the US.  But I don't think I'll find out since I'm feeling too lazy to even click on the link to see where it came from.

Any-hoo.  This is for them non Malay speaking reading people.  Gosh.  I wonder what crosses their minds when they get in here.  They must be lost in translation.  Haha.  Of course.  How much stupid can that statement be?  That's just SO STUPID.  *eyes rolling*

I'm behind work schedule.  I just piled everything and everything but yet there are still tons to do.  If only every little bit of my effort reduces half a kilo to my ideal weight.  *sigh*

All I know is that I feel so fat and stupid.  And I'm laughing myself to the bank for this horrendous entry.

Smart ass.  She had pants on the wrong ass. Heh.
I feel like slapping her silly.
For being silly.

2 ulasan:

Sabrina berkata...

I feed your fish too much. It's a wonder they're not dead.

Nadia Is Cute berkata...

Too much genetically combined smart ass.


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