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Khamis, 16 Jun 2011

A Story by Kak Puteri

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I read this and share the same sentiment from recent entry by Kak Puteri.

Saturday, June 11, 2011- Alahai cik adik oi!
I went to my usual pharmacy yesterday afternoon. I was in a haste as bibik was not around and hub and Nabil were to leave for their Friday prayer soon. I wanted to be quick to get my supply. The usual salesgirl suddenly so surprised to see me dashing into the pharmacy and went 'Dari mana kak?' That greeting caught me by surprise as she never greeted me that way before.

As I was making my way to the pharmacist, I couldn't help but feel that I am suddenly budging into a serious discussion the pharmacist was having with a young couple. While I was waiting for the pharmacist to attend to me I could actually listen to the conversation they were having. The pharmacist didn't actually look happy and so was this sweet, pretty, young thing (not older than 20) the only person who remained calm and didn't utter a single word was the boy beside her.

I could sense something was wrong and my instinct proved me right when I discovered that...

Scary how lifestyle change.  Both men and women work to fend the family and for career but sometimes we lose sight of keeping our children close and depend much on others or no one at all to raise them for us while we are away.

Somehow there is always a loop hole that teens manage to find somewhere
for the sake of freedom and self-expression

But that's how it is. And I hope my children are protected. Amin.

3 ulasan:

seldom break berkata...

ouch.scared me to death.

Sabrina berkata...

"the boy looked calm and didn't say a word until they were out from the pharmacy then only I could see his mouth moving with a slight twitch of a smile."

This was so disturbing.

And what on earth did the pharmacist give them?? I've never heard of something to induce abortion given in 7 doses in a go. Unless it's a huge dose of the morning after pill.

Or perhaps they just didn't want to teach us. Who knows.

Nadia Is Cute berkata...

Yes. Disturbing.

And I guessed as much with morning after pills. Usually it's only 2 pills within 12hrs' difference. So having to go on binging of 21 pills within 24 hours actually does make sense.

Of course, they won't teach you how.


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