Khamis, 3 November 2011

Life is the Olympics

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Life can be so interesting that you don't know where you are.  For me, plodding along is normal.  I like the challenge tapi kenkadang, macam sengal. You know what I'm talking about?  Especially when you fall a hurdle and have someone yell at you, "Hey, you fell!" on loud speaker while laughing and being comical while you are viewed live all over the world because it is the Olympics.  Well, life is the Olympics.  There is nothing kecik about that.

So, choices.  What choices have you got?  Are you gonna be distracted by it or are you gonna just walk out of the field?  But you are needed in your team because it's a 4x4 hurdle.  Hmm.  Are you too tired to go on or are you gonna keep trying and ignore or are you just gonna go and ketuk kepala, hambik microphone and sumbat dalam mulut orang tu? 

I think, everybody needs a break.  Maybe you are not fit enough for it.  Maybe oso, you are not trying hard enough.  Maybe your methods were wrong.  But getting to perfection is the trouble.

You have to endure the period to ANALyze what you have done, where you did wrong and how you can improve yourself.  But what is the reward for it?  It's not like you don't put in enough effort into it.  Would a medal be good enough?  Is it the recognition?  Is it about saving the whole team?  Or is it about your self-satisfaction?

When it gets to that, what is it yang sebenarnya that you want?  Then comes, do you need it? 

In short, you need self-satisfaction to get moving on with your life.  Only you know what fits the bill for yourself.  No one else can tell you, they can only advice you with the strengths you have, that you can't see for yourself. 

And so, it really boils down to what is it that you need to nourish. 

All in all, not a very easy thing to do.

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