Isnin, 14 November 2011


It feels like I've outdone myself with FB and tweets. Nothing more interesting things to say other than merentan. My life is just segmented into this, this and that. Ni pun macam merentan la jugak kot eh? Hahaha.

Pitiful. Pity ke? Terasa macam dah mula rasa like nak disconnected balik. Just me, my phone and my bag. Melilau.

Again, I don't know what I want. Wait. I know what I want actually. The feeling of wanting to do something because it makes you happy. Cuma, getting there takes some money to do it. That would also mean, possibly, not working just to do it. Sebab for me, kalau you can manage it part-time, then go all out for it.

Takpelah. Apa yang termampu je.

Maybe swimming would be good. If I can find a pool! And walking, would be nice. I haven't done that with my cousin and sister in a very long time. We just should maybe consider doing it all over again. It was fun.

I miss good times. Self-fulfillment is a quest.

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