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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

text conversation yang bongok

Watikah hari ini adalah...

My text conversation I had with a sister this morning:

Sister:  Would you know how much a car downpayment would be?  A ballpark.

[Uiks.  Adakah ini seekor joke?]

Me:  Huh.  You donch reli want to know right?

Sister:  I do, why?

[Huh.  Apakah?]

Me:  Bongok.  5% of the whole car value.

Sister:  Why bongok?  Okay, thanks.

[Sheer irony in the statement lei!]

Me:  Okay.  Aku bongok.  10% downpayment.

Sister:  Why you bongok?  Oh 10 then installment depends on the loan tenure right?

[Oi!  Ngok!~]

Me:  Yes.

----->  Kenapa itu je aku jawab?  ...Sebab aku dah penat la...  Bongok...  Haha.

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