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Malaysian Ghost Story

Watikah hari ini adalah...


Siapa sangka Malaysia sejuk?  Jangan harapkan Kemeren Hailen mahupun Mersilau ya.  Memang Malaysia sejuk.  Dan dalam-dalam sejuk ni, ada pulak Wak Labib mana entah dok pasang ringtone baru dia bunyik pompuan melayur menjerit pada waktu midnight.  Ko...  Boleh tak?  Tak cool langsung.  Okeh?

Talking about that kinda of jeritan batin, I think that the broadcasting industry in this country dah lupa tentang sensitivity manusia sejagat.  Bukan itu juga, ramai pulak manusia who seems to be taksub dengan cerita-cerita seram.  Well, as I look at it, it's either they consent it or they are not doing anything about it.  But this is what I think about it:

a)  Trailers of the cerita seram, should not be aired on screen aside of 9.30pm and above. 

b)  The cerita seram itself, should not be aired on screen before 9.30pm.

c)  Cerita mistik, and sort of that sensitivity should be in the range of cerita seram.

And as the trending goes, private cable company is doing the same. 

I have got children.  And I don't appreciate them having trouble sleeping.  Nak tunjuk pun, nak advertise pun, agak-agaklah.  Especially when the ones who actually stay home day time are below 5 years of age. 

Ghost Bird

The reason I chose 9.30pm is the average time of children below the age of 12's bedtime.  It is a fair time.  Viewers with craving against mystical things, I think, they would be able to wait after 9.30pm to watch them.   

On the personal side of it, I find that some people don't understand that the more you are keen towards it, the more you are calling all these mystical things to come to you.  Even by mentioning it to scare you children, which I think is also wrong, is an open invite for them to be with you. 

For some people that I know of, would be so teruja with it sampai kata, "Eee.  Tengok tu.  Ghost tu," whenever the trailer comes on.  Why la?  Got purpose or not?  Takde kan?  Ko sendiri yang teruja kan, sebenarnya?  And "Jangan [insert behaviour here].  Nanti ghost datang."  That is seriously, an open invite.  If you don't believe me, go and ask someone who can "see".  So please, DON'T. 

I am sure that if I sendiri pun feel this way, then, there would be so many who share this opinion with me.  So let's bring this to their attention. 

Sensitivity to the people please!

With love and affection,

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