Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

pagi tadi

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Life is a journey. 

Sempena pagi yang productive ini, saya tak mau meroyan.  Saya hanya nak berpesan.

Kenkadang kita penat dengan keadaan rumah.  We don't get enough rest.  You feel stressed up from something that happened the day/night before.  Worry about your family members or items at home / office / any other thing related... 

And then you drive yourself to work.

I drove out and had this grey Alza ahead of me.  Tapi that stretch of road memang ada sikit confusing sikit.  It's actually a 2-lane road tapi dia ada branch out to junctions extended to the right a few times through out that stretch.  So this lady I dok perasan she was getting in the middle of the road.  Moving sendiri kat tengah jalan tu.  So I thought, maybe dia tak biasa dengan jalan tu.  Normal pun orang confuse situ.  Jap ke kanan macam nak masuk turn-off belok ke kanan.  Then makan jalan balik ke second lane.  Then makin ke tengah.

When it got near to an opening jalan ke kiri, a short-stretch mind, I tried moving on the left and perhaps maybe can overtake, kalau lepas.  Then makin lama, she started closing up on me and it was really close to hit, if not for that road on my left. 

I tekan hon.  I tekan tekan tekan hon berkali-kali.  Ye lah.  Ada la panic sikit.  Elok jugak aku teringat nak tekan instead of menjerit je senada tak renti.  Haha.  Itu parah.  Itu namanya break mulut bergerak. 
The thing was... I caught sight of her. 

She was so deep in her thought that dia tak perasan lansung pun I dok honking kat dia.  And I honked her oh-so-too-many times.  Meaning, dia tak perasan pun how she was driving the entire time.  Mengelamun.  She wasn't looking left or right.  Just straight to the destination that she knows she must reach, and not thinking about it. 

She could have gotten seriously injured.  Or even cause injury to someone else.  And I feel so bad for her because, she 'wasn't' there the whole time.  This, I know.  It's quite common isn't it?  It's not a friendly place.

Just a reminder for all you ladies, and perhaps gentlemen as well...

Let's try to clear our minds before we start moving.  Remind ourselves to pace out slowly.  It's actually tiring getting yourself worked up in the morning pun kan?  Getting to work on time is essential.  But, safety is important too. 

And aside of that, if you are really feeling down and depressed, try writing it out in a journal or talking it out with someone; a trusted friend, a counsellor or even Befrienders.  Just let it out.  Walk it out or run it out.  That helps too.  The pressures of today's world is not the same as it was 20 years ago.  Life's expectations are different for both office and home.  And people are less kinder than they used to be. 

Just remember, if ada sorang macam you kat dalam dunia ni with this situation and problem, there must be someone else in this world yang experience benda-benda tu just like you.  So don't feel so bad since you're not the only one kan?  And of course, there are less fortunate people than you, if you'd like to use that as a comparison. 

A friend once said, Tuhan tak kejam.  He will test you.  Tapi Tuhan tak kejam.  Seimbang sebenarnya dengan apa kesenangan dan kesusahan yang diberi.  Kalau dekat ofis terrible, then dekat rumah okay.  Kalau dekat rumah mencabar, dekat office/luar rumah mungkin ada good support of friends or the whole condition is okay.  Dan dugaan itu mendatang hanya kerana He knows that you can get through it.  He just wants to show you and make you realize how strong you are.   

Even if you are not the lady, this feeling is common.  Maybe some of you don't understand it because you haven't been there before.  But this exist.  Quite commonly. 

You have to be well to care for others.

Dari hati ke hati; dari jiwa ke jiwa.

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white_child berkata...

aku penah jd perempuan spt dlm alza itu...haih

Nadia Is Cute berkata...

aku paham. aku jua.


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