Khamis, 9 September 2010

being nostalgic

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Teringat to one old good friend of mine.  No.  Make it, someone who used to be the closest to me.  At one point.  Despite all that has happened.  Seeing a caption of her of all expressions that I used to receive and look at as her being her.  Rindu pulak.  Tapi aku bukan siapa-siapa lagi. 

But I miss her, truly.  How things were for us 16 year ago.  Brings me all back there. 

I'll just keep the caption.  Just so I can always just go see it whenever I remember her.  Being nostalgic.  Simply.  It makes me happy to remember her that way.  Just the same girl who straddled on foot on a bicycle yang rantainya rosak to my house over the school holidays.  And just how it grew to many other things. 

Yes.  I'm just happy to remember her that way.

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