Khamis, 9 Disember 2010

People Management

Watikah hari ini adalah...

People Management.

What comes with the word?  The resource of manpower, training and benefits for employees.  Betul?  Betul.  They are the department that compiles your salary, tax, EPF, SOCSO, claims and other applied deductions.  They would slash when appropriate and apply additional where applied.  In big companies, they would usually do so.  Fair and square.  Apply the same standard and ruling.  Betul?  Betul.

So, when the people managing within the People Management that are not sincere with what they do, misuse their entitlements, misuse their responsibilities, misuse the power entrusted to them to manage people right, how would you account that?

For anyone, as I tell my sons [since they are the bigger ones for now], you are the Imam.  You are the leader to anything that you do.  You are examplary.  What you do, people will copy.  If you go nust, everyone else will go nuts too.  If you do good things, everyone else will behave too.

This applies to EVERYONE.  Each of us is entrusted responsibility to carry out something.  Everyone was born with responsibility. 

Responsibility as a son/daughter, sister/brother, mother/father, employee/employer, friend, neighbour and so on, and so forth.

My vision and understanding, I feel - sad, angry, disappointed and most of all - BETRAYED.

How can you live going through day to day knowing that you approved something that is not right? 
How could you have carried it out? 
How could you have the niat tersemat didada to misuse what is entrusted to you?


Especially when you are from People Management.

Tak bagi orang makan najis.  Tapi dia yang makan najis tu.  <-----  This is called bad parenting.

We were all born with responsibility. 
Even an ant has its job.

That's just how I feel.

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