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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eh? You bukan friend I eh?

Watikah hari ini adalah...

Aku tengah sangap ni.  Bekos of the kesangapan itu, I spent my time searching names that are obvious palang in my life.  Haha.  And the oblivious, I am totally blocked from even searching for them.  Haha.  Aku tak marah pun.  But why la...  Bukan ke engkorang yang carik hal ngan aku?  Bukan korang ke yang buat cerita pasal aku?  Bukan korang ke yang menginjakkan aku?

Kelakarkan?  Yang aku ni pun gatal pulak sesaja nak tengok diorang cemana sekarang ni.  Haha.

The people you find la kan...  One added me, then removed me, then requested for friend again, then when I ignored go cancel me off la kan.  Halluuuu...  If one on one were this, dah lama semorang berperang tau. 

Oh, and finally I embraced something.  Dah la time discovery tu aku tengah dalam bilik air tengah mandi!  Haha.  Tehapa-hapa kan? 

Had this friend from school.  People often ask me about her walaupun dah lebih, almost 19 year sudah, about where she is ka apa ka sekarang ni.  I dono.  Really.  Aku carik dia sebab aku pedulik.  We drifted bekos of situations that she doesn't understand, instead says I cared less.  So maybe she was right.  But when you get married, you have kids, all life changes lah kan, tak align dengan the other person, nak tuding jari pun, tak payahlah.  Selagi a person doesn't go through that same cycle, dia takkan paham. 

But somehow, it bothers me.  It bothered me how it ends every time with this pompuan.  Like, it just died.  Then I realised that her zodiac is as such. 

Seriously, I don't read zodiacs punya foretell things, but I look for the personality traits so I understand them more and then bila tengah-tengah sabunkan badan tu, I went....  "YA AMPUUUUN....  Fatut ler fatut..."

Yes.  It took me THAT long to realise. 

So friendships are built, some flourish over years, some just die off with drama or just tergolek mampus cenggitu.  It just takes a lot of understanding, patience and love to go through many years of that.  Just the same how last time we always like brand people like, "Eh, minah to eksyen la," or "Eh, berlagak!" when after 20 years you realise, how same you are have been from Day ONE. 

Yes.  I found people who are same. 

It just proves that it takes time to make a friendship worth while.

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Emm said...

akak suka "selagi they don't go thru the cycle, diorang takkan paham". sangat betul!

Nadia Is Cute said...

yang pasti, the blame will fall on us la kan? takpe takpe. and who knew after bad groupies fallouts kat sekolah tu we'd be great blogger buddies ha minah?

Emm said...

i think there were too many "mouths" and too many labels. biasalah, highschool.... tak sah kalau takde drama. glad that the majority of us have grown up and move on. sad that masih ada jugak yang live in the past dan masih lagi nak relive zaman kegemilangan diorang over and over again.

as for us, glad that we're now royan buddies LOL!


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