Khamis, 22 Julai 2010

tolong. aku takmo stress. tengs.

Watikah hari ini adalah...

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I am cold.  I am in the office.  I am ranting.

Yes.  Please allow me so.  Despite the fact that I can barely feel from this temperature.  My fingers may fall off one by one after this.  Oops.  There goes one so now I'm left with 9.  Haha.  Na'uzubillah minzalik!  Ini namanya lawak sadis.

Dilema.  Sikit je.  Nak kena susun aturkan opis.  Nak kena filing menatang yang kecik-kecik ni.  Nak kena balik.  Nak kena gi klinik.  Nak kena buat appointment.  Nak kena koling edibadi.  Tapi sekarang ni sudah lunch hour.  Nobadi in de haus.  But I want to do everything quickly so I can go off and settle my kids.  If I go off now, nanti still I need to kam bek to ofis and koling-koling edibadi again.  Waste much taim.  So I better stay in opis and...  DONO LAH!

Cis.  I think I need a third cup of kofi! 


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