Khamis, 6 Mei 2010

dear ilhan

Dear Ilhan

Your mommy posted me cute message the other day.  No.  You did not do any damage onto my fish.  They did not go belly up.  They did not even change colour.  So now at least we all know that nothing ever happens when you keep feeding them for over an hour through. 

By the way, we bumped into Tun Dr Mahathir last weekend and I got to sit behind of him.  Tun was the Malaysian Prime Minister for 22 years.  And it is so rarely that you get to bump into great men.  I thought, grabbing by the neck to tell him how excited I was would be very very very rude.  No no no.  We cannot grab people by the neck.  People could get hurt that way and there is nothing handsome about wearing a neck brace at all.  Especially when there is no design on it.  That would be particularly boring. 

Anyway.  Then Inez was around to have a photo moment with him.  It was cute that she smiled in the photo with him.  I am putting this photo up you to see. 

Aunty Nadia looks amazingly slim here because Inez covered over her belly.

Looking at the picture makes me feel like a fuzzy brown bear.  You see, you and Inez are both more than 80 years difference with this wonderful man.  He was born in 1925.  That means, Tun is really really really old.  You are both are the children of the millenium which makes you very very young.  But because he only ate good and nutritious food, he is a very healthy man.  It it also wonderful knowing that he is 85 years old this year and he can still walk steadily without a stick in his hand.  Let us hope you will grow up to be as strong and old as he is.  It is a bit late for your Mummy and I for all the junk we had in our lifetime but there is still time to get ourselves straight.  I hope.  Yes.  Aunty Nadia is laughing right now. 

I would be very happy if you could continue feeding my fish.  I am doing a bad job at keeping them happy.  I would be happy as long as you do not try to flush them down the toilet.  That would make Mummy very very upset because you would have shoved down Mummy's lappy in disgusting liquid when you do that. 

So please be a good boy so you can follow mummy to go fishing again.

With hugs,

Aunty Nadia

PS: As much as I pro breastfeeding, I hope you would not still be doing it when you are 8 years old.  :)

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