Isnin, 3 Mei 2010

bila mata ada rasa sikit mau terjojol, sila sambut mata yang tergolek itu

Dah berhari-hari otak aku menceceh sendirian.  I blog as I go.  I blog as I go.  Wondered why is it that I don't even own that little small minimal lappy that Maxis promoted about a year back.  I mean, it's minimal kan...  Just enough for FB-ing and blogging on the go. 

Okay, sincerely speaking [got such thing meh?], this is virtually how I feel right now:

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Yes.  Get me?

I haven't been sleeping well.  The children haven't been well. 

Both Cik Adik and Abang Ngah have got chesty coughs and load and loads and loads of hingus, air hidung, hidung yang berkerak...  You name it lah.  But Abang Long has been having fever, quite high for the past 4 days.  The heat, constant.  Yesterday came with vomiting and purging. 

We brought him to the A&E at KPJ Shah Alam yesterday where he was given an option of hospitalisation.  He already appeared to be dehydrated [to me, but not in the opinion of the doctor] and wasn't eating.  Ulcers are showing up.  It got me worried jugak that even after being given the supository, it took an hour or so to bring his temperature down.  The nurse explained that that means that his temperature was going up and up so when given that means, the medicine was going against making it remain at the initial temperature measured until it manages to break it so long later.  It was after 2 hours that he was able to be laughing his usual laugh again instead of just smiling sebab tak larat nak gelak.

Thinking that he was alright last night, today his body temperature went rising again.  But I had to be in the office so I'll bring him to the hospital la after lunch.  He rarely has got on him red eyes.  He's like me.  Red eyes means, either eye irritation or extremely trying to project energy for the body.  And he's got them on all the time over the weekend. 

Abang Ngah also tried to pull an 'I kenot go to skool bekos I demam...' but he got on the van WITHOUT reluctance when the van came, which was surprising, and I had to go to work with Ayu; which is a whole other story.

Getting up this morning was a bit susah.  Penant.  Sengal.  Macam kena kutip balik bijik mata and masuk balik dalam soket lepas tu dia tak masuk betul-betul sangat pun.  Luckily, dugaan pagi ni kurang sikit sebab aku lagi senang sikit nak mandi, nak siap.  The nights have been so sticky humid and I was determined to keep myself sweat free if I was able to. 

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Maaf.  Ini bukan gambar Encik Black.

So Encik Black went off to kerja naik motot dia.  I had actually thought of asking him kat mana kunci kereta tapi kang pikir balik, for sure nanti kena balik free free, yang mana adalah sangat tidak diperlukan kerana ini adalah Monday, hari pembukaan bagi seluruh miggu pertama pekerjaan bulan May ini.  Panjang la pulak.  Haha.  Makanya, pelan-pelan kayuh la aku mencariknya.  Nak tepon, orang tu ada atas motot.  But I tried.  And I texted.  Kept on calling. Just perhaps at one point dia dah sampai ofis ke kan.  Then I called Ayu.  She was already on the way out to send her dotter to skool.  Zoom dia patah balik and helped to send ME to work.  Uih bess naik keta Barbie.  Hik hik.

Finally got hold of him.  Yezza....  Kunci keta ada dengan Pawpaw... ... ... ...

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Ini BUKAN kunci kereta Encik Black mahupun Mrs Black.

As for the rest of the day's plan, entahlah.  All I can say is, thank you Memi...

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