Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Watikah hari ini adalah...

I want to watch Toy Story 3. 
Tak tipu punya.

Belum apa-apa pun the promo dah bersepah and vam voom vass...  They had the giant life size of Buzz Lightyear and Woody in Toys 'r Us when we went to Empire 2 weeks ago.  The kids went nuts.  Masuk dalam barricade lagi... Dan ia telah membuatkan Mak adalah malu.  But not before snapping some pics of kos!  Haha.

Tetau je satu Transformer terpacul diantaranya. 
Ya.  Apakah...  Haha.

The last 2 movies, I really loved the Mr Potato Head sebab dia adalah sangat Potato.  Haha.  I mean, everything falls off of him and you can put the mouth on the head for all that matter.  Buduh la.  Mulut kat atas kepala.  Hidung kat telinga.  Haha.  Masuk telinga kanan, keluar kat kepala.  Haha.  Buduh.

For now pulak, aku makin diracun nak tengok the movie.  Belum lagi bila dihambur oleh anak-anak bagaikan jejak kasih. 

Then I was looking at the new characters.  Ada this one particular one, Big Baby adalah scary bagiku.  Gila scary okei.  Walaupun I know dia telah disalahertikan oleh horror movie tahun 80-an. 

Doll yang teraniaya. 
Uiks.  Teraniaya ke?  Mandai je. 
Cerita pun tak tengok lagi dah
pandai buat citer sendiri...  Haha.

Then I saw that one that would definately grab my boys' attention.  Seriyes.  Tak tipu punya.  Kalau tipu dosa.

Makhluk kacukan Robot,Transformers, Wall-E dan IronMan

I mean...  It looks so friendly and all.  Now I'm wondering if Sparks can do vaccuuming oso.  That would be nice.  Kan?  A little functional toy that would be able to clean up after itself too.  Abih tu gaduh betekak ngan anak sendiri sebab diorang nak main, Mak nak clean the house with it and Pawpaw teruuuus campak menatang tu luar rumah.  Haha.  

But of all the other toys joining this movie, I really am soooo looking forward to meeting Ken!  I mean, it's KEN!  The heart throb for the beauty doll queen!  He's got his own car...  Pink mansion.  Pink car...  He's like...  He's THE ONE.  Barbie wouldn't be complete without him.  And I'm just so curios what he's gonna be like.  Suave, sophisticated...  Tengok gambar dia kat bawah tu.  But since he's in Malibu, by the way that he's dressing up, so maybe he's... 


Don't tell me he's a Don Johnson in Miami Vice in the 80's!  [pensan]

Ken, is still a mystery...  at least until I get to watch it lah.
I soo wonder how he's gonna sound like...
Can you imagine if it's Antonio Bandares doing Ken?
LOL.  Aiyo.  THAT would be hillarious!

Oh.  Gosh.  I dono.  What do you think? 

What do you think?

So...  What do you think?

I don't know either.  So it sure will be interesting to find out.  And therefore I'm kneeling on my knees and praying hard that I may get to see Ken in Toy Story 3.

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