Selasa, 13 April 2010

a bit of ranting

I need to rant.

My head is hurting.  I know I need a lolly but I can't.  I can't go out either because there's a little something going on during lunch in the vacinity. 

There is a large number of documents strewn all over my small table.  Left, right, behind.  I guess it makes a difference when you don't have a partition over your table.  Let me have this in segments.

1. Check on outstanding work.

2. Stationery order.

3. Refining of appointments.

4. Travel / Training.

5. The things to be updated.

6. The things to be filed.

7. The things to be rearranged.

Ugh.  It doesn't seem to be able to help me.  But I sure do know that it beats from being written down by hand!  Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in sorrow?  [sigh] I dunno la...  Maybe it's PMS.


Good luck to Encik Black.  His whole week will surely be an interesting one then. 

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