Rabu, 14 April 2010


Caller: I would like to forward you some training information that would be very vital for company.  May get your email address so I can forward this information to you?

Receiver: pompuangila at kompenikati dot anaksyarikatsukati dot com

Caller: [Stutter] Kompe...  Sorry?

Receiver: [Cakap lelaju] Kompenisukati dot anaksyarikatsukati dot com

Caller: [Stutter] Kompe... Sorry?  Would you mind repeating... err.. that please?  How do you spell it ya?

Receiver: It's pompuangila at kompenisukati dot anaksyarikatsukati dot com.  Kompenisukati is the name of our company.

Caller: [Stutter] Kompe... Sorry?  [Lost] 

Receiver: For you to be calling companies to sell your product, you should be doing your homework before calling them.  So you should know what the company's name is and how to spell it.

Caller: [Stutter] Err.  Sorry.  So it's pompuangila dot KOMPETI dot SUKATI dot com.  Yeah.  Thank you.

Lesson to be learned
Never take for granted the power of doing your homework before nak terjah memana kompeni.  You might not know what kind of bitchiness you'd have to deal with.

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