Khamis, 15 April 2010

lesson 2

Remember my entry on Lesson?

Caller: Hello, I'm Sorang Pekerja calling from Kompeni Kerja Aku would like to speak to Boss Terbaik please.

Receiver:  May I know what is this call pertaining to?

Caller: I sent an email for an offer for our product and would like to find out her interest.

Receiver:  I'm sorry but I didn't receive your email.  You were to email me about it, right?  What was the email address that you sent it to?

Caller: It was pompuangila at MPUKATI dot ANAKSYKATI dot com

Receiver:  I'm sorry?  [pause]  Could you repeat that please?

Caller repeats.

Receiver: How would you pronounce the name of our company?

Caller: Uh... [silence]

Receiver:  You have called several times before.  You are sellling a product and you have to have a bit of initiative to find these little things out.  We need to have your confidence that you know what you are doing.  For your own good, please do you homework a bit.   Okay?  [and slowly spell out: pompuangila at kompenisukati dot anaksyarikatsukati dot com]

Caller: Oh. Okay.  Tengkiu tengkiu.

Lesson to be Learned
Please read between the lines.  Silalah belajar dari kesilapan anda untuk mendapat hasil yang terbaik.

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